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I plan to slowly migrate over to @peculiarwarmth

I just want to follow a bit over there and test the waters, so if you want to follow me you can (and that might help me build my own follow list there too)

I want to try something a little different and be way more intentional about my account.

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Starting to migrate over to @peculiarwarmth

I have decide for my own sake to really change how I interact on Mastodon... So my new account is probably going to be a lot fewer toots and more intentional.

I will probably leave this one open for awhile but my ultimate goal is to delete.

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When two women love each other very much, a black cat shows up and moves in to their house. It’s science, or witchcraft; one of those.

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Fediverse, I has resource needs that I hope you can help with. I'm looking for books, websites, zines, etc about working together, as in cooperation-related social skills. This can be geared towards any age group, but I'd like it to be very community-building, working together, focused. I can find a lot on businessy business business crap, which is not necessarily unuseful, buuuut not really what I'm going for. plz&thx 💚

#homeschool #unschooling #cooperation #communityBuilding

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I am glad my kids like books but that also means they are always everywhere.

CW: a mess?

Is there a bird that sounds like a frog?

So the narrowed down list of possible topics for my summer class contains none of the ones I wanted. So can you all help me pick the least boring? And this from a Sociology perspective... Comment subtopic ideas too please (if you can’t see poll choices are mental health, cults, relationships, environmental issues)

Thanks for doing my hw for me 😘

Perhaps it just needs more time to settle...

I do love my leg hair but I also wish it didn’t stick straight out! Doesn’t seem like any product would change that...

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Woooo, I'm so glad I'm not a parent because I WOULD BURN THIS SCHOOL TO THE FUCKING GROUND.

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~Kill the Cop in Your Head~ can on the one hand set you "free"

Free to "act out" or freed from the discipline that makes you a good obedient subject

It should also set *you* free from the impulse to act as a civilian officer (so fuck off with your spycams, fuck off with your speed dial, fuck off with your peering through lace curtains, fuck off with your strategic friendships with POC and your anti-racism if you havent vowed to NEVER call the cops ever)

Step one: shadow a doula/midwife just to witness - that is free - baby steps

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