having clean teeth is such a wonderful feeling

y'all. what if it was illegal to drive/ride in a car by yourself. like u always had to have at least one other human being in there at all times

kinda long political question (pls help) 

friendly reminder to save whatever ur working on!!!

me: damn I have a really nice singing voice
dysphoria: hey
me: oh no

hey i got out of bed today!!!! that's an accomplishment!!!!!!!!!

why is scrolling on my touchpad so weird >:(

ukulele stuff, question about modifications (guitar people may be able to answer this too) 

I love looking at birds and going like. lol. those are dinosaurs

anybody know any good online programs to get typing speed up?

hey does anyone have recommendations for good VPNs?

does anyone have good pics of the interior of the bham free store (before it was flooded)? I need them for a school project

god DAMN i have a cold and it sounds like I've been smoking for 50 years

does anyone happen to have pics of the interior of the bham free store? I'm doing a school project about how people aren't greedy by nature and I can't find any good ones online

anyone have advice for moving out of my parent's house? I'm gonna be moving into an apartment/friends house (my home situation is REALLY shitty so I'm really just trying to get o u t) and I have no clue where to begin

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