hurr durr if u cuss it means ur a dumb dumb

i wonder what the body count of conventional wisdom is

why do my legs get dirty literally every time I bike even if I don't go offroad what the fuck

anyway bikes are so much better than cars and that's the tea

self defense, question 

politics, animal abuse, fair oaks farms 

i dont want to have to drive. cars are horrible

inconvenient that allergy season and spring cleaning happen at the same time

I don't know where to start on getting sources for this shit. Corruption in police???? Racism in police??? How horrible the system is???????? My brain is like Shutting Down from a lack of spoons I really need help with this

i have a friend who is *super* sweet but she's also training to be a police officer. How do I explain to her how that's wrong?

why are drawers taller on the inside than their opening???? it allows them to get stuck way too easily if they're full.... 😑

ukulele/guitar strings question 

this is a bit of a strange request, but does anybody know any folk punk songs with recorder in them? I know recorder (and pennywhistle) are used a lot as folk instruments, and I wonder how they would sound in folk punk.

battery question 

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