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Hi!! Made an alt here on sunbeam so I can see more posts about plants and solarpunk and ecosocialism/ecoanarchism :_earth: :ecoanarchism:

I think its finally actually warming up for real this time. please be for real this time. I hate winter so much.

I'm glad people are enjoying all the superhero movies, I really am, but can popular culture consist of . . . really anything else again, please?

i know im being really venty today but im hormonal and just kinda Going Through It, yknow? just bear with me lol

ok as promised here are two more characters from my wannabe webcomic lol :blobcatblep:

nat and zach, bffs who are also in love bc i can’t help myself.........

People who know little to nothing about Satanism: what do you think Luciferianism or Satanism in general is all about?

No judgment on replies, and don't be afraid of being wrong. I'm looking to write something about common misconceptions about my religion, but I gotta know what they are first. Boosts welcome.

yeah sex is cool but have you ever put the usb in right on the first try

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Anyone else feel like there's more than a few leftissts just beating the "kill the rich, revolution now!" drum without actually understanding that there's going to need to be extreme, serious, cultural and social change that accompanies it? Like, sure, Jeff Bezos won't have a fun time in the revolution, but if the world post-revolution is one where anyone can accumulate that sort of power, be it literal wealth or political influence or anything that lets them do a fraction of what billionaires can get away with, then the revolution has failed.

Stop letting your friends say the r slur
Call the r slur what it is. It’s a slur.
Stop letting people call things autistic to mean bad
Stop using the ableist “reee” meme

And less obviously,
Stop making fun of people who interact with culture and media in a way that’s weird to you
Stop bullying fun of people who are just Weird to you
Our culture has rebranded autistic traits as “weird” to make bullying us more acceptable. Fucking stop that shit.

Hey, Fediverse!
Please give me some true crime podcast recommendations.
No unsolved stuff and not My Favorite Murder because that it overrated AF.

: Fritillaria Uva Vulpis. This is also known as fox's grape fritillary.

Flowering in early to mid-Spring, this has an upright habit, and one stem can hold up to seven flowers. It is happy in part-shade as well as sun, but it doesn't like damp soil when dormant. I feel it's an elegant addition to a border.

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