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PV isn’t a dumping ground for Blk ppl you dont want around, or POC you cba to deal with when something in your space hurts them.

At the same time, its better these folks stay w us bc we’ll treat them like a person and not a problem, as we’ve seen others do.

This is sadly happening A LOT recently.

None of this is a subtoot. Im catching up to what may be going on and I’ve seen it all already on here.

When @GinnyMcQueen said this joint was basically a hamster wheel? I felt *that*

We have the same discussions in one way or another bc ppl dont take a moment to be self reflective abt their *behavior*

They worry about their *appearance* to the fediverse at large. Fundamentally for a gaze that is dominant, in whatever power dynamics that is.

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So many of the spaces here are curated to look as if they appear a certain way when it comes to politics of race/gender etc etc. but optics only go so far in disguising toxic behavior.

Secondly if the grown folks are talking & you dont have the range, sit back and dont butt in and then get hurt when we tell you what’s good.

Lastly, theres BP across a variety of instances that are doing just fine. They dont *need* to come to PV. We’re just here if they want to. We got as many yt boys on here

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I think it’s cynical to talk about ‘oh im so happy that such and such space exist for POC/BP, you should go there”

Bc what does that say about the work you’re doing within your own space. Again, this kind of well intended commentary has been on here for ages its not new

I think im just finally fed up enough to be vocal abt what it means when we tokenize user experience to a point where we lose all nuance that we thought we had in the first place.

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If you’re not dealing with antiblackness then maybe don’t talk about what instance or space is best for Blk ppl bc I promise you...

You don’t know

We’ve seent it.

And this isn’t a subtoot to anyone or space in particular. I’ve been here for a min and seeing the same recycled commentary & ideas.

It's funny now PV's stance of being an inclusive space for Black folks in addition to everyone else is such a point of 'controversy' in the fedi.

It would actually take less effort to make well moderated, safe and diverse spaces then constantly trying to convince one's self that anti-blackness is not a major motivation to keep Black folks off the fedi.

We virtually do the same thing other instances do, w/ the exception of actually dealing w/ racism.

Ha and this basic point INFURIATES people

Can everyone put their decolonization book rec's below? I would like to compile a list and add some books to my TBR list.

I'll start:

- Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad

- An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

So, I just saw the toots here on SBC and what has been happening that I didn't see due a metric ton of filters...

We really need to work on our ingrained white supremacy. Like now.

We need to come up with a study group or something to work through this together asap.

The answer isn't to leave. We need to stick together. We need to do better and we need to act on this like yesterday.

so if none of you know, which you likely don't, the UK government forcibly deported 50 people to Jamaica who have lived in the UK their whole lives. they came as children, lived here for DECADES, and then were deported after being arrested in the UK where PoC face consistent systemic injustice economically and in the judiciary. the government defended it saying they were 'deporting criminals for ''''serious'''' crimes'


if you're gonna be a low effort white ""activist"" at least give your money to people of color, especially women, trans, disabled, and chronically ill PoC, so that they don't have to worry about finances while doing the work you can't do.

@popstar This is part of why I think funding poc in academia and encouraging poc to become educators is important - a lot of white kids have little to no connection to the basic realities and oppression POC face, the blind sides, downfalls and realities of a still very segregated and stratified america.

at this point, telling white people to be critical of their relationship to whiteness isn't even activism, this should be part of the most basic curriculum in elementary schools

idk about other POC heavy instances but myass doesn't want to just collect all the POC like they are pokemon

while i rejoice at new users - and lordt knows even we can always use a more and more diverse userbase - what i really want is there to be *more* inclusive spaces for poc on the fediverse because they damn well deserve it. fediverse can be very hostile to non-white users, especially when they are black, and honestly we need to make an active effort to fix this.

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How can you have ‘zero tolerance for Nazis’ in your profile then be pals with Nazis

I've only posted about this followers-only so far, but I'm probably going to lose my job (and so need to move, because my job is as the on-sitemanager for an apartment building)

I'd like to transition to doing remote writing (I have professional experience), but also, focus more on providing decolonal actions and education.

I need y'all's help for that. If you can, consider donating via

The closer y'all get me to covering expenses, the more decolonial writing I can do!

Wanna do the opposite of call for my death: help me have the means to live?

I'm losing my dayjob to employer nepotism, and would like to transition to writing and acting out more often against the kyriarchy (whiteness, imperialism, the West)

To do that I need donations from folk, preferably folk who are privileged by that kyriarchy. In exchange, you get me working full time against it, as best I know how.

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The has forked Signal and removed phone numbers and renamed it #Session

If you want to try it out feel free to message me. My Session id is '05803f4a74061fcb143b68ceba9b4bde580c1a193cb8cc421bfe03164d0728d558'

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