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seattle CHOP, death 

One person is dead and another wounded after a shooting at the Capitol Hill Organized/Occupied Protest:

According to this journalist on the scene, the deceased is an African-American man (I've seen conflicting information about his age):

The police are of course spinning this tragedy as the CHOP being hostile to those who are only there to protect and serve ("a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims" ... next sentence: "the victims, both males, had been transported to Harborview Medical Center by CHOP medics"). According to the first linked article, "A security employee working in the area reported the shooter had been in a black SUV that arrived in the area on E Pine. A 911 caller told police a man carried a rifle out of the SUV before gunfire erupted, according to East Precinct radio updates."

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PSA: Stores are starting to ban the sale of 'non-essential' items like plants, seeds, and clothes. It's rolling out at random based on local rules.

Some things you may need in the future that could be deemed non-essential:

- Furnace filters
- Light bulbs
- Seeds
- Potting Soil
- Wood
- Oil, etc. for your car.
- Clothes
- Shoes
- Socks (never enough socks)
- Fabric
- Yarn
- Thread
- Other crafting materials.

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Covid-19, U.S. News 

- They couldn't agree to send people money.
- They want businesses to reopen soon.
- 13,500 or so Americans are stuck abroad.
- ICE is dipping into the PPE kits needed for doctors.

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@solarpunkactionweek turning into action MONTH thanks to my school and work going all online. Yesterday I filled up this bottle tower planter with spinach so I can eat greens all summer. I got seedlings from the local hardware store, but if you start some yourself it's a great way to grow a lot of veggies in a small space and reduce water loss too. Details in the captions!

Have y'all donated to emsenn yet for eir as yet unpaid labour for SBC?

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the more I think about the idea of free money, the more I want the free money

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There is a massive #livecoding livestream event kicking off on the 19th, and running until the 22nd. Three days of non-stop algorithmic music, lots of friends are participating, add it to your calendar. i'm trying to understand their reasoning. is it because covid-19 and the poor state response could provoke further general organising of the people?? communities reforming, better and stronger mutual aid...?

cast off boosted damn... that's just beyond the desktop version has just been updated and it's much better than it was. it functions, sometimes you'll get ghost messages from random people, occasionally messages won't be delivered to your laptop when they are to your phone. you need it on your phone to get started, because it's based around using your phone number as an identifier.

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the news would still be useful if they were all this person

The Wandering Earth 

@InvaderXan same. I thought it was great in a surreal kind of way

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I'm thinking of making little needle felting kits for anyone in my town whose stuck at home cause they're self isolating, chronically ill or any other reason.
But I need help deciding what to make the kits for. Hedgehogs, ladybugs, mice, gnomes or pumpkins?

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(-) anti-work, covid-19 

I swear. If I get this thing, I'm going into the office and coughing on my bosses. They act like this is a fucking joke.

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covid 19, general suggestion 

If you have the money and you’re gonna order things from small shops and individuals (e.g etsy, fedi peeps) to help those struggling with income due to covid 19, perhaps consider asking if they’d mind taking payment now and posting it later?
Could help to reduce workload and therefore exposure risk for post and delivery people, especially since people are ordering more of the essentials online at the moment
Would also mean the person posting doesn’t have to go out

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