This is a solid recommendation to read “Ruined by Design” by Mike Monteiro.

Learn about making ethical choices, understanding your role as a designer (even if you don’t think are one) and read real examples from the world we live in.

Found originally via @aral

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Holding strong at the hour mark, police presence aggressive and in line with RCMP colonial violence - this is a peaceful, non-violent demo that the cops are violently trying to break up.

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The offices of KKR have been occupied in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en - their investment in Coastal GasLink is profiting off of colonial occupation - demanding that KKR pull all their funds from Coastal GasLink immediately

We stand with the Wet’suwet’en nation - never surrender!

@gigavinyl oh I think I remember @Pops talking about some organisations? They sounded pretty good but when I looked them up it was America based and I'm in the UK, so I don't recall the name any more. @FrontGreen

While I think many of the people in the movement mean well, are there any alternatives to XR in the US besides @FrontGreen?

Ever wanted a wood lathe, but costs too much for ya? Well this guy built one out of just scrap wood, and uses a corded drill as a motor:

Build the means of production~ :catheadcommie:

A friend of mine is in the thick of getting starts going for her garden. Made me think about Richard Brautigan and how I should really steal this idea of his. I don't think he'd mind.

"Brautigan's 'Please Plant This Book' consisted of eight poems printed on seed packets. Four of the poems were about flowers. The other four were about vegetables."

Brautigan was the original #SolarPunk.

#poetry #gardening

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Hey I want more of y'all to see this than just the boost that probably went by quick:

@silverspookgames - awesome person btw - had a conversation with DJ NDN about "re-indigenization"

I'm only a few minutes in but I'm nodding along real hard.

"This impending apocalypse is just for white people."

(after talking about how the Anishinaabee are in their "Mad Max... apocalypse")

UK friends: I know someone there who is early in transition and can no longer keep up with the cost of hormones. Anyone have any cost saving.. Let's say workarounds I can send their way?

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What I do know is that a lot of folks.. a lot... perform diversity and inclusion for the sake of appearing to be a progressive person.

But when it actually comes to incorporating the specific needs of people that do not match their chosen identity, how much of that do we see?

What I do see is a lot of effort being put into defending a version of diversity that makes whiteness comfortable, and not diversity itself.

Ha, and we're not supposed to notice because... feelings.

That's funny to me.

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“We [filmmakers] have a vast public, including urban workers, rural campesinos, children and adolescents . . . for them and with them we have to make films without making concessions. Films that touch on their interests. Films that are capable of expressing contradictions. And that have as a goal of helping all of us . . . Is this overly ambitious? Will we achieve it? This has to be the goal.”

- #SaraGómez Yera, Cuban #film director

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i can show you how to use the moderation tools later, i'm exhausted right now :')

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@lanesweets i use Flym (an android app), it's really nice to read on (default dark mode yay) and it's a well-built app

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