So according to this site, produces the same amount of carbon that five trees absorb in a year. I think it's a fair guess that we have more than five trees between us, particularly with Gwenhywfar's garden and Gali's woodland.
(thanks @emsenn for the link to the site)

The Open Structures website is back online after a large overhaul! It's looking great :)

Open Structures is an open source modular system that allows you to build anything from shelving to a recumbent bike to a table lamp to stool, using modular, replaceable parts and standard hardware. This means you can repair and redesign any item that fits the standard, and build new parts using designs freely available online.

So, comrades. The rebellion in October is going to have a fleet of bicycles with trailers that constantly circulate between the different sites, collecting, distributing, transporting. Recycling gets taken away from the sites by bike. Is the future we all want really happening? :thinkhappy:

Sooo... who's going to make me a then?

travel, if an alternative to fiberglass is used for the shell.

Hey nerds, Gage over at @CatComixzStudios draws a fun, whacky, all-ages about genetic engineering and time travel that can be found at

It's a blast, well worth checking out. They're open to responses / opinion on it too!

A 10 minute video about the infrastructure.

Utrecht: Planning for People & Bikes, Not for Cars

It remains to be seen just how this "2040" is, but it looks pretty good --- and very hopeful --- from the trailer. It will be worth checking out in August when it is released.

I found this concept art for Rito Village, where the bird folk live in The Legend of : Breath of the Wild. Looks like a nice place to live and too!

I'm going to be creating templates for designing and building parts for today. I am designing the templates to be cut and scored with a laser cutter. Get in touch if you want files in PDF, LYZ, SVG or DXF format.

Also I spread the message with some example images from @InvaderXan 's blog, we might have a new recruit. πŸ’š :sunbeam: :greensun:

@eloisa Please add me to Cooperatives, Cycling, Electronics, Engineering, Environmentalists, FLOSS, Free Software, Friendly People, Permaculture.

Can I also suggest a list, and that you add me to that too? Many thanks.

So I've come back from a bike ride, watered my plants, and now I'm drinking lime-flavoured water while setting my dad up with an account on my personal instance, so that he can send me a video of my Grandma. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty !

@Wewereseeds @polymerwitch (and any others who care to join in):

If a was set up, would you switch to it, and would you be able to help run it? A similar setup to SBC would make sense.

If it's something we want to look at doing seriously, and it's not just an appealing idea that's about to get forgotten about, we should start organising.

I imagine SBC will happily let us use the platform, an open collective should be set up etcβ€” we can basically just copy-paste the structure from SBC as it's been proven to work. However, we would need the people to fill the roles.

I think I'd be happy to set things up, but personally I'm more of a than a lunarpunk, so I probably wouldn't stay on the lunarpunk site.

I imagine federation and close communication between SBC and the lunarpunk site would make it so the knowledge from SBC wouldn't just disappear, there would probably be overlap and sharing.


I found a nice bike (Partizan electric city bike) while poking around on ebay for parts for my e-bike conversion I'm going to start working on soon.

Very cheap solar panel!!! UK 

Solarpunk energy storage that changes this fluid's molecular makeup slightly when subjected to the sun's rays. The energy can then be stored for almost *TWO DECADES* before being put through a catalyst to convert the energy into heat (63Β°C temperature rise), and the fluid is reusable more than 125 times! I feel like there could be a lot of very interesting uses for this, if given some thought...

I'm Puffinux, my interests are , , spaces, , , , , , (cycling), , , and novels, and . I'm a very practical, hands-on sort of person who's happiest halfway through a project, soldering late into the night with the radio on.

More recently I've been learning about cooperatives, communal living, intentional communities, tech / energy and alternative, self-sufficient lifestyles.

I seek to learn as much as I can so as to contribute back to communities and help create a future that we can be proud to leave for the next generation and beyond, rather than the slow-motion train crash we're currently victims of.

I'm very open to both teaching and being educated.

I'm also the current admin of , so hit me up if you have questions related to our wiki, or want a wiki account with which to contribute.

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