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Another entirely normal day in , where the can now track every vehicle movement in a 25 mile radius under a powered balloon equipped with video and networking, that can hover in the same area for up to a month in test, more once they're deployed for real.
They use a package so small it can be carried in the payload of a balloon.
This is where useful technologies like mesh networks suddenly become dangerous. You can't bring the network down because no individual node is critical. It's like trying to stop a locust swarm with a handgun.
Don't worry though, it'll only be used to keep people "safe" and "secure". /sarcasm

Very cheap solar panel!!! UK 

I found this on eBay just now, in Rochester (east of London) collection only and used, but an absolute steal if anyone's interested.

260W solar panels for only £30 each.

Solarpunk energy storage that changes this fluid's molecular makeup slightly when subjected to the sun's rays. The energy can then be stored for almost *TWO DECADES* before being put through a catalyst to convert the energy into heat (63°C temperature rise), and the fluid is reusable more than 125 times! I feel like there could be a lot of very interesting uses for this, if given some thought...

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