Alternative media sources are better than propaganda machines. The BBC and the Guardian are not to be trusted.

Did you see how the Guardian behaved over the cou in Bolivia, for instance? They were on the fence and avoided any mention of a "cou", and then jumped at the chance to promote the Organization of American States' response to what happened in the elections.

Use alternative media.

Imagine a better alternative to the police!

is "a grassroots movement fighting to ensure that local control of St. Louis police is based on the principles of citizen input and transparency."

I've recreated one of their posters as shown here:

I can provide a download for anyone interested in putting these up in their local area. I release it under WTFPL ( so you can do what you like with it. The current QR code links to CAPCR's Facebook page but it can easily be edited for whatever organisation is working in your area.


I have a role play game pdf to share.

"Sigmata: This Signal Kills Fascists" is a role play game about a fascist 1980s America, where cybernetic revolutionary heroes fight against the regime. It includes dialogue on real-world revolution and rebellion and attempts to apply real-world principles in the game system.

If this link runs out (max 10 downloads) then I'll post another one in this thread.

I love this part of Comrade Maxwell's video on how anarchists can educate others. It's true, it works 😁

The album "ClΓ‘sicos Revolucionarios Vol I" by "Juanito Piquetes y los Solidarios" of Catalunya is just as intensely banging, catchy and comradely as the day Em first introduced me to it.

I highly recommend the album for driving away work related blues, or whenever you need a boost! These tunes *never* get old. Indeed, the final track in the album is the musicians' rendition of the triumphant "A las Barricadas", the most popular song of the Spanish anarchists during the Spanish Civil War, first recorded in 1936, which is itself based on "Warszawianka" a Polish revolutionary song from 1883... still going strong 83 years on.

I'm still reading and it's still really good, and still very informative.

I'm reading, the website of the book by the same name by Peter Genderloos. It's well worth checking out if you want to learn about instances where anarchist or anti-authoritarian societies have worked, along with a general introduction to anarchy.

I've converted the website into EPUB format for easier reading, if anyone would like a copy. You can also buy the book in physical form.

I want to discuss democracy in the context of other methods of organisation that are more favourable to anarchists / less oppressive.

I've read the essay linked below which has reflected many of the problems I have with democracy on a larger scale, as well as the discomfort I feel through operating in a democratic organisation (the Sunbeam City co-operative).

Is anyone free to talk about this?

I spent the day protesting, made some new friends and then hung out at an social event and discussed , ate a collectively created meal, and played board games. So damn cool.

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a Libertarian Socialist solarpunk instance. It is ran democratically by a cooperative of like-minded individuals.