I've been making some stuff today. Both are projects I've had running on and off for a few months now, dipping in when I have the time. A robot for messing about with, and a heating controller for a wood burner powered central heating set up for my parent's house.

I found a nice bike (Partizan electric city bike) while poking around on ebay for parts for my e-bike conversion I'm going to start working on soon.

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I say America because where else would there be a real world city with as corny a name as Sunbeam City?

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Wow, YouTube's looking good. I don't understand why they even allow stuff like this on the site. Aren't they 'losing face' by showing this kind of utterly ridiculous content? Who even watches this?

*600,000 views* Oh okay... someone's obviously interested......

🎶 You light up my life 🎶

The Black Friday sale got me, though I needed a new bike light anyway. But damn this thing is bright! Hopefully now I'll be able to see *very slightly* when cars come at me with full beam on.

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