London occupation of five areas has survived everything the police has thrown at us so far. People keep being arrested, released, and coming back for more. Around 200 police moved to clear Parliament Square, and still failed.

People have been joining in that never knew about XR until these past few days. We've grown in numbers since Monday and we're looking forward to more fresh faces from Wales and Scotland arriving soon.

The anarchic organisation structure present at the Marble Arch camp has shown me that even with so few resources, even just a bunch if tents on a road, anarchy works. I went to get some food at the donations-based food stall and ended up cooking and serving for two hours. It's all just working. It's great.

Yesterday's swarming blockade of a delivery entrance to a shopping centre. The police turned up and told us that what we were doing was illegal and asked us not to. We carried on anyway and so they got irritated and said that they "authorised" it and then tried to leave. Only... we were blocking the road. A great success!

It looks like Sunbeam City is coming up to its first . Should we celebrate somehow?

My family's been having fun; they sent me a photo I thought I'd share.

My minimal contribution to . It's the back of a replacement screen I'm using for my heating controller project. I think something happened to the other one because it's not responding.

I was at a great event in Cambridge today, blocking roads and holding a street party in the cleared area. Music, dancing and speeches plus lots of support from passing cars!

I've had a busy day with the Cambridge rebels, who joined forces with the Bury St Edmunds crew for a protest, march and a number of speeches and music. Lots of fun though a mixed response from the public.

It was inspiring to see the charismatic and confident 11 ~ 14 year old speakers explaining to the public why they went on strike yesterday, and why they supported Extinction Rebellion. It is also saddening though to see that the situation is so dire that the still very young generation are having to take things into their own hands.

I've been making some stuff today. Both are projects I've had running on and off for a few months now, dipping in when I have the time. A robot for messing about with, and a heating controller for a wood burner powered central heating set up for my parent's house.

I found a nice bike (Partizan electric city bike) while poking around on ebay for parts for my e-bike conversion I'm going to start working on soon.

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