My spider plant is blooming! It's been doing so for some time, and is running out of buds. Each flower only lasts a day or so.

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A perfect example of sexism endangering lives is in car manufacture. An "average" crash test dummy that is used in design to make cars safe is based on an American male. Which means at best it represents only 50% of the population --- in reality the percentage is far lower. The design of the safety features such as airbags are not designed to work for women's bodies.

Check out the two graphs below, based on UK data:
Two thirds of UK men fall in a specific height range (1.7 to 1.85 metres), but only around 13% of women in the same range.

Design of powertools is the same: the handles / grips are designed for the male hand, making them awkward and difficult to use for the other half of the population, simply because they have smaller hands.

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hey white fellas i found your tree

it's not even ironic that the walnut looks like a brain but, like, real smol brain

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When the left column in the table of four data on profiles has the same value entered more than once, any with the same name are missed out except for one entry. It looks like previous table data is overwritten with whatever comes last with the same left column data.

The second image shows what the table looks like in Mastodon profile editing web UI, with all four entries filled in.

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Embarrasing admission of ornithological ignorance. 

It remains to be seen just how this "2040" is, but it looks pretty good --- and very hopeful --- from the trailer. It will be worth checking out in August when it is released.

I'm really hoping this is a coincidence, and I haven't just picked up on a large corporation subtly hijacking an activist network's book launch for subliminal marketing purposes...
I'm using compact mode, and the indent in replies seems wrong. I think it should be increased so the text does not go over the vertical grey line.

Most people: "would you like to pet my cat / puppy / lizard?"

Sunbeam City comrades: "would you like to water my plants?"

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