Once you have found the account, clicking on it will show you the profile / bio etc, and underneath, the options shown in the image.

One of the most useful parts here is the button that lists the number of statuses. Clicking on it will show you a timeline of posts, replies and boosts that the account has created. Any of these can be individually modified (make images visible / hidden by default; delete toot) in the same way as I have already stated.

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If you are not viewing a report, but instead the profile of the account through the moderation interface, then the same actions are available.

To get to an account through the moderation interface, go to Preferences → Moderation → Accounts.

There are a lot of options along the top to refine your search for a particular user, or you can scroll through the list.

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If action on the account as a whole is not required, then an individual toot can be modified by a moderator.

If there is an image attached to a toot, the image can be made sensitive / not sensitive (hide or show the image by default when someone views it, respectively). While there is currently no option to add a content warning to a toot that has already been created, a toot that needs a content warning / is unsuitable for the local instance, can be deleted.

Shown in the image is a close-up of the report page for this toot, which has been reported. You can also modify an account's toots from their page in the moderation interface, which I will cover in the next toot.

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Warnings will be sent to the user (via email if you choose) and do not have any other effect unless a moderator chooses when sending the warning.

They are good for when a user steps out of line, but a moderator does not consider immediate suspension necessary.

The menu at the top gives the full range of options available to a moderator. The options will be explained in the next few posts.

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Once the moderator has gone into an individual report, they will see a lot of information related to the report. The most important parts are the toots that were reported and the reason for reporting, but at this point the moderator has the option to take action.

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Once a toot has been reported with information on what is problematic about it, it can be viewed by moderators in the reports area of the moderation interface. This can be found by going to Preferences → Moderation → Reports.

Reports by local users show the username of the person who reported. Reports by federated users show only the instance that the account that reported is on. This protects anonymity / security of federated users but still lets the moderators keep an eye on who reports what on the local instance.

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I should make it clear that not all of these options are available to users --- this thread is to educate people with admin responsibility on an instance.

You can also deal with a user directly from their profile:

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This thread will focus on using Mastodon on the web UI, not on mobile or with an app.

If you see a post in a timeline that you need to report, or deal with immediately, then the menu (three dots) on the toot itself gives you moderation options. If you need to deal with the toot right away, you can "Open this status..." to deal with the post, or "Open moderation interface..." to deal with the user.

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Miene Blume ist weit und rund. Ich mag es. Es ist schön! Es ist gesund! Die Blume hat keine Durst. Die Blume seht die Sonne.

(Entschuldigen, ich lerne Deutsch)

Oh shit I just remembered I didn't delete my laser cutter files I made (on company time) from my old workplace's computers. In fact, the files are saved forever in the workplace repository as well.

They're the files that say "EAT THE RICH".


ok so which fool thought this was a good way to write messages

really puts the mess in message

My tea is doing that granulation thing like what happens on the photosphere of the Sun. ?

Reminder that I have a disorganised mind map of stuff I've found browsing Mastodon, with lots of links to sites. It's a Freeplane (a digital mind mapping tool) file and I'm happy to share it as well as the Freeplane theme I made for it.

I also have a digital library of DRM-free books and articles with a leftist / solarpunk theme, which I will share readily with people.

Images: Google deep mind - mega trypophobia (fear of holes) inducing, body horror, surreal 

Google Deep Dream is fucking wild y'all.

I guess we're going to do what Sanctaphrax does now, from the Edge Chronicles?

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