or "I Migrate to Mastodon" is the top trending Twitter hashtag right now in Spain, and number 37 worldwide, following more censorship of leftist content and suspension of accounts on birdsite.

Give it another few years, folks, and Twitter will be dead. They can't keep playing this game much longer. Their top trending hashtag on their own platform is one that promotes moving away from the platform, as a result of their own actions. That's... incredibly bad.

Let's show our support for our Spanish comrades, and help them find a home on the Fediverse. It's important that the transition from Twitter isn't temporary.

Muestremos nuestro apoyo a nuestros camaradas españoles y ayúdelos a encontrar un hogar en Fediverse. Es importante que la transición de Twitter no sea temporal.

Vaya a estas URL para obtener más información y obtener ayuda sobre cómo migrar:


No hablo español, pero si alguien que habla el idioma quiere hablar conmigo, usaré un software de traducción. Ayudaré tanto como pueda.

@puffinus_puffinus @BerdaderaH tenemos apoyo haste de camaradas ingleses.
(@BerdaderaH or Profe Rojo) is the one who set up this hashtag with the help of other comrades

¿Es esta una publicación para ayudar a las personas que son nuevas en Mastodon a entender cómo usarla?

@maperal Ok, gracias, también compartiré esto y te atribuiré.

Es un breve manual, si.

De hecho, es el manual que difunde nuestra instancia cuando da la bienvenida a los nuevos miembros. 😊

@bclindner I know!!! :)))) I predict a landslide moment when enough people join that all of a sudden it becomes "the thing" and then people everywhere start joining.

@puffinus_puffinus very nice post. We are actually finding home in here. Very nice community and very open minded as well. It has been a really easy transition!

@puffinus_puffinus greetings from Bilbao! This all started with censorship to @BerdaderaH (one of the most famous leftwing twitters)

@puffinus_puffinus now I can add a mass migration of spain to my timeline of masto users.

@puffinus_puffinus Twitter keep sending me notifications to say I logged in from a new device, I have 2 devices I login from, Desktop and netbook, so not quite sure what they are doing. If you want help to spread #YoMigroAMastodo retweet.v n feel free to tag me in @zleap2018 and I will retweet
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