OpSec warning, Open Street Map, doxxing, privacy 

A warning to folks! It's kind of stating the obvious, but if you use your internet name e.g. Puffinux as your profile name on OpenStreetMap, and make changes to OSM in your local area, people who are aware of you online can pretty quickly figure out your exact location or at the very least your local neighbourhood. Couple this with any pictures you post online, and it isn't hard to build a profile of where you live, where you go, and what you get up to.

Use a name on OpenStreetMap that does not tie you to any other service!

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OpSec warning, Open Street Map, doxxing, privacy 

@puffinus_puffinus that actually never occurred to me, though it is obvious in retrospect, thanks for the info

@puffinus_puffinus On the flip side, I made myself as high profile as possible on OSM until I started getting job offers. YMMV.

@BalooUriza @puffinus_puffinus

I think a few people on the local cycling group have done this (there is a company which does transport infrastructure research based in Ipswich that also uses OSM (its a small organisation but with a very big impact on the public sector and commercial use of OSM data in Britain)

To be fair, cyclists in a small are who contribute to OSM are likely to notice one another (even by screen name) anyway...

(this is the company)

@vfrmedia Are they still around? I thought their site went down a while ago and figured that was the end of that.

@BalooUriza ITOworld? looks like they are still very much active, and working with TomTom in the Netherlands as recently as September (although they do seem to increasingly pitch their commercial projects rather than their involvement in OSM)

OpSec warning, Open Street Map, doxxing, privacy 


On IRC, i've see people with username like "FirstnameName" said that he has just add tree on his garden πŸ™„

re: OpSec warning, Open Street Map, doxxing, privacy 

@puffinus_puffinus its obvious but probably deserves to be said (though im so bad at opsec p much everyone knows where i live if they follow me for some time)

OpSec warning, Open Street Map, doxxing, privacy 

This is why Geofabrik produces data files without some of that personal information. There are some legit reasons to need it, so it's only available after an OSM login

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