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XR's statement of 3.5% mobilisation of the population as a level at which a movement will be successful is based on a book co-authored by Maria Stephan, who was the lead foreign affairs officer in the US State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) when the book was published.

She sites Mark Palmer as a "great mentor". He was co-founder and board director of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) whose role is to foment nonviolent movements against almost any government which challenges or defies the United States, questions the value of unrestrained capitalism, limits the rights of foreign corporations, or adopts policies that the US consider socialist.

The NED had a hand in the coup in Bolivia, putting money into the right wing parties and spreading discontent.

I don't feel like these are the people we should be trusting to inform a rebellion.

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