Facebook has recently admitted that its greatest threat, looking to the future, is federated platforms.

Many federating platforms (like PeerTube, a video sharing software, or WriteFreely, a blogging software) are springing up around the federating system.

Capitalist websites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are getting progressively worse in how they act, in their quest for profits.

Meanwhile, the fediverse is only getting stronger, powered by money through voluntary donations and the hard work of thousands of admins.

Federation is a positive path forward for the future of the internet, has liberated people and allowed them to form regenerative communities, and is helping to educate people about alternative ideas and methods to those promoted by capitalist business.

It's really encouraging to see the fediverse doing so well.

In contrast, Facebook's content moderation, that employs people to watch deeply unsettling videos and look at horrible images, gives the moderators PTSD. They work in horrible conditions for low pay and are expected to be near 100% accurate with their flagging of content that must be removed, with penalties if they fail.

The measures put in place for worker health are almost non-existant: "Staff are allowed two nine-minute “wellness breaks” each day if they need to walk away from the work". This horrible and disturbing job is the reality of a capitalist behemoth like Facebook.

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I mean, if federation grows to the size of facebook, won't our thousands of admins, many not paid at all, also have to watch deeply unsettling videos?

Decapitation videos got onto diaspora. They could find their way onto any mastodon instance.

@celesteh Possibly. However, our admins would not have to deal with these sorts of images all the time in the same way that people whose job it is to moderate are. In addition, the kind of environment where the fediverse would grow to that size is probably because of either a vacuum created by the collapse of a large company, or a more gradual process ending in a final quick shift, as people become so dissatisfied with FB / Twitter that they move en masse (as we've seen with India). So you would hope that the environment might be better and that you would find fewer of these types of accounts.


Deeply antisocial people will post that stuff wherever there's an audience for it, so I don't share your optimism.

I agree with all your criticisms of facebook, but I don't think we have all the solutions in place... yet. By recognising risks we can build to, hopefully, deal with them.

@celesteh I guess so. I think it would be difficult for that kind of content to propagate on the fediverse, at least. The admin / user ratio is far higher than FB

@puffinus_puffinus Devil's advocate question: What happens when the people who post that kind of content come to the fediverse? Someone will still have to moderate it.

@faoluin Then people will moderate it. Things will still be better than FB, because our ratio of admins to users is much better, and we are able to flexibly modify the Mastodon source code.


"Facebook has recently admitted that its greatest threat, looking to the future, is federated platforms." are you talking about the emails leaked?

It was from 2012, by someone who left the company 2 years later.

I'm not even sure it was a comment about federation 🤔

@puffinus_puffinus When the world heard only one voice promoted by money fediverse allows all voice to be heard.


The fediverse is awesome and I hope it keeps getting bigger (at a healthy rate, not explosive, viral growth).

Do you have a link to facebook admitting that federated social networks are their biggest threat? Id be super curious to read it

@Alonealastalovedalongthe it was an interpretation of information by someone else on the fediverse. I don't have a link, I'm afraid.

@puffinus_puffinus "Facebook has recently admitted that its greatest threat, looking to the future, is federated platforms." - this is interesting, where did you find this?
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