Someone worriedly came up to me at an XR event today and said they were concerned that my anarcho-communist flag might "scare the liberals".

@GreenandBlack they couldn't articulate how this was different to controlling freedom of expression and worriedly toddled off after a while. Bit of an internal conflict for them 😢

@MrControll @GreenandBlack I doubt it. I'm kicking myself now, I should have turned what they said on its head and said "I welcome diversity in XR, which is why I can condone your view".

@johnpierremaeli my local xry group is made up of a lot of reassuringly lefty folks, but they're very concerned about appealing to people who don't yet have the politics that many of us share. Too concerned sometimes. Also, this was xr, not xr youth, whoms't i'm part of. Local xr is lib af

@radikalgrafitio Hahaha that's a good one! The irony would be lost on most people though I think

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