📢 Calling all Sunbeams! 📢

If you have a federating account on and you've been here a month or more, this is relevant to you.

We, the co-operative, have just passed a proposal (2019-07-22) to allow our Mastodon users to join the co-op free of charge. Previously, we required a small monthly donation before allowing participation.

This means you may now create an account on if you wish, so as to be able to join in with discussions, have your say in how the co-op operates, and contribute to deciding what we do and what services we provide. You may do all of this without donating any money, if you so choose.

It would be great to see some fresh faces, as more recently we've become stretched a little thin and discussions on Loomio are fairly infrequent. There are also plenty of small tasks that a newcomer could take on if they feel able to support the co-op.

@puffinus_puffinus yet, it's announced! Do you have a list of tasks that need doing?

Not yet. That's something I've been thinking about recently though — not the tasks themselves, but how to present them. Putting them on the wiki means people need yet another account, plus admin / to-do lists don't really fit with the wiki. One option is a shared, public document that anyone can edit without needing to log into anything, or perhaps a dedicates Loomio thread with the initial post repeatedly updated with the current list of tasks.

@puffinus_puffinus ah. I've been thinking that given I'm always sending work your way(!), maybe I should do more to help out. Just a small task mind (coz health), but I would like to support the co-op more.

Yeh, not asking people to set up multiple accounts etc is defo an issue that has been raised. Maybe something, if not Loomio, like an Open Office spreadsheet?

@GwenfarsGarden Don't worry about my workload, I only have a part-time job, and no social life, so I have time to devote to SBC; plus I'm intrinsically motivated to contribute.

Help is of course always welcome, but I completely understand the restrictions MECFS unfortunately place on you.

A spreadsheet or similar would have to be hosted somewhere, so I'd have to look into what the options are. I'm concerned we'd have issues with spam if the medium was entirely public but to make it private would probably require a log in of some sort, meaning another account for SBC services.

I might start some discussion on Loomio soon.

@puffinus_puffinus well, I think we should think about your workload. It's good to share it, both the learning, and being a part of a bigger group.

I guess that's why I was asking about a list of tasks, so I could see if there was an obvious task (obvious to me) I could help with. Whilst I'm not techie per se, I do have some experience with html and managing websites, and can pick things up.

I don't know if this would help, but I have an Office 365 account which includes One Drive, so could host a document/spreadsheet there that could be publicly available. We could get spammed, though. Maybe trying something simple like this to see if it works, might be worth a go? A discussion on Loomio is a good idea, because people will probably come up with good ideas of what might work best.

@GwenfarsGarden I agree with your comments on my workload. I was only thinking of it from the perspective of "I don't need help to do what I am doing now for the co-op". For example, the problems people have with Loomio are nothing compared to the awful software I use most of my day job. To a large part I'm used to stuff like that.

The co-op could really do with more participation if we want to actually implement any of the ideas floating around. I'm sure there are things that you could do if you wanted to, but a list will have to be created from the ideas from the various platforms first.

I am new to Mastodon. Is the sunbeam city also like Mastodon and Twitter?

Sorry if I sound like a noob. I am trying to learn about fediverse and how it works?

@pinankin_writes Hi! Welcome to the fediverse. Mastodon is not what you appear to think it is. Mastodon is software, not the instance you are using. is a server that runs federating software. It is an 'instance', a federating server, just like The software both instances run is called Mastodon. So, is the server from which the server retrieved my posts, and in terms of software, is almost identical to

The fediverse is the name given to all the instances, the servers with running federating software.

Sunbeam City is similar to Twitter and, except (as you saw from my post) we run as a co-operative, which means the users get to decide what we do and how we do it. If the members decide to add a new service to our range, for instance, then we can go and do it --- because we're a co-operative, we're the ones in charge.


Let me know if you have other questions or if my explanations aren't clear --- I'm happy to help :)


Also what is the difference between local and federated timeline?

"Home" is toots and boosts by people you follow.

"Local" is toots from people on the same instance as you. So, anyone that created an account on the instance (and that posts from there) will show up on the local timeline*.

"Federated" is everything that your instance can see of the current federating instances*.

*toots won't show on these timelines if the toot visibility is set to something other than "global". There are a few other settings, for instance the DM / private setting.

Bear in mind however, the "Federated" timeline is not showing all globally visible posts from all instances, but rather, all globally visible posts from users that federates with, on instances that federates with.

It's a little complicated.

@pinankin_writes If I post a globally visible toot, it will show up in your federated timeline if someone on your instance follows me. The toot will also show up in your Home timeline is you follow me. It will never show up in the Local timeline, because my account is on, not


So, that appears as my user name suffix is an instance or server. But it is only one of many like sunbeam city. All these many servers together form fediverse.

How these servers or instances which exist in the fediverse different from each other?
Are there particular instances for particular interests run by different people?

Are there big companies also running such instances?

Who builds these instances?Can I shift from 1instance 2other?

> So, that appears as my user name suffix is an instance or server. But it is only one of many like sunbeam city. All these many servers together form fediverse.
That is entirely correct.

> How these servers or instances which exist in the fediverse different from each other?
Simple things like the colour scheme might be different, or bigger things like they use different software entirely. For instance, PeerTube is a video sharing platform, but it federates. My account on federates, so you can follow it from your account. The software they use is different, but they both communicate with ActivityPub so it's like they speak the same language.

> Are there particular instances for particular interests run by different people?
Yes. Look at under the section titled "Sign up" to select from a range of topical instances.

> Are there big companies also running such instances?
Some companies run instances. They are blocked by many other instances, because the fediverse does not want business and capitalism to be a part of what we are.

> Who builds these instances?
Anyone with the time to maintain a website and moderate spam / bad accounts. Anyone can do it. You could do it, for yourself only, and still be a part of the fediverse. Many people do just that. The software is written by collaborators around the world and can be seen here

> Can I shift from 1instance 2other?
Until recently your account could not be transferred from one instance to another. The Mastodon release version 3 adds this functionality. Version 3 is the latest release, and not all instances have updated to this yet. For instance, Sunbeam City is still using v2.9.2

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