On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (1/2) 

When I first came to Mastodon, I new almost nothing about any other expression than the gender binary. I have a gay aunt and had a genderqueer friend and knew of a trans person or two, but I didn't really understand it all and I don't pretend to now.

Because it is not something I understood, I mostly kept quiet and watched and listened. I'm perfectly happy as a straight man and as such these topics have never been particularly relevant to me personally, though I believe it's good to learn so that I can understand other better.

Can I have some feedback on some conclusions I've made please?

Nonbinary people have always existed.

The explosion of labels is not a divergence from cisgender or an attack on cisgender people but simply a more accurate way to define people's feelings about who they are. The feelings existed already and exist regardless of whether there is a label to define them.

On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

Increased awareness such as better education on these topics in schools will not damage straight folks' lives by pushing confused kids into experimentation with their gender, it will instead give people who already feel they are not cisgender the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and live in a way they feel is more healthy for them.

Folk that would otherwise (in a less educated / aware environment) have been cisgender might experiment or decide they are not cisgender, directly because of increased awareness on such topics. This is not a problem because they are not doing anything wrong.

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On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

@puffinus_puffinus pretty much aye

On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

@puffinus_puffinus I think you summed it up pretty well!

On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

as a 'newborn' nb (haha nb nb) what you said in both of these tweets strikes me as correct

On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

@skelltan That's good to know. I was expecting people to have counter-arguments or say I'd gotten stuff wrong because, as I said at the start, I don't fully understand it all.

On nonbinary, please correct as you see fit. (2/2) 

@puffinus_puffinus Very much agree. I also think people who would now identify as nonbinary may have pushed themselves further into the binary role they were assigned to try to fit the mold, or found some other outlet to express themselves.

A lot of gay and lesbian culture has involved pushing at the bounds of gender for a long time. Cross-dressing, like in plays has also existed for a while.

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