any js dev wanna get paid to work on frontend stuff for ?

thread on ssb for reference %K+lxhXlK870neq3a5eAg5Dteoh3e9PCcizBkiLssOUA=.sha256

To get "hired" I'd suggest you make a post on ssb saying something like "Hi I'm W and I have experience X. I'd like to work on Y for Z hours", where Z is something like 30-50 hours.

Payment would be through one of our opencollectives, e.g. , which supports at least paypal. Work would be for a specific amount of hours (and prob 30usd/h).

Thanks for the retoots but we have found enough people for now, might be back in the future though! :) And if anyone wants to try ssb or give a hand in developing it you can just write to me

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