If you're sick of Amazon and need a bookstore alternative betterworldbooks.com sells used books for 1/3 the price, carbon offsets shipping, and donates to literacy programs for kids.

@ponderingmuse i made a similar post earlier in the week and i'm so angry that I forgot about them for a few years. i used to buy from them a ton and I completely stopped for no good reason at all

Awesome I've never seen this site before. Thanks for sharing!

@ponderingmuse Bezos and his buddies in the 0.0001% don't give a flying frack about our opinions or the well-being of the 99%. They only care about how much they can stuff away into their bank vaults (which kills the economy, but I digress).

The last time the oligarchs got this out of control a century ago (read The Jungle), the most effective tactics were boycotts and strikes.

@MySideIsHumanity Thank you for the recommendation. I'll look it up.

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