“For starters, he suggests that people with homes can transform their lawns into native plant and food forests, and everyone should begin to work within their communities towards urban or suburban farming. Sacks also promotes the movement to depave (roads and parking lots, for example). Depavement removes unnecessary impermeable surfaces and replaces them with green, growing things wherever possible.“

As the Biosphere Dies, So Do We: Using the Power of Nature to Heal the Planet by Dahr Jamail


See next comment for solarpunk snippet.

People, that coal ash spilling from the hurricane is highly radioactive. Here's some sources to read up on it. It's dangerous. It's got mercury, arsenic, and more in it.




I sat down for a cup of tea and now I'm surrounded by dogs and can't move. Cheagle on my lap and border collie on my feet.


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You may all know that this summer has been long and dry in most parts of Europe. There are still wildfire precautions in effect.

The German army, however, did not care and ran a weapons test in a dry swamp area anyways. Now there's a huge wildfire burning FOR TWO WEEKS they can't control and first villages are preparing for evacuation.

German news article (with pics) for those interested: ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachs

In 1923 A.J. Hupfel Jr. Believed he could grow mushrooms by using miniature thunderstorms complete with static electricity, fog machines, and drumming jazz music. Turns out he was sort of right because lightning strikes double mushroom growth. 🤔

This random mycological information is brought to by Tumblr and Cornell University.

Skribado ekzerco de mia blogo:

Kio okazus se ekstertera vivo alvenis hodiaux?

Kio okazus se ekstertera vivo alvenis en la lunapunkulo aux sunapunkulo estontecon?

Source: Jay T. Lennon & Kenneth J. Locey | There are more microbial species on Earth than stars in the galaxy on Aeon.co

"…bacteria, archaea, protists and fungi? Collectively, these microbial taxa are the most abundant, widespread and longest-evolving forms of life on the planet. What is their contribution to global biodiversity? When microorganisms are taken into account, recent studies suggest that Earth might be home to a staggering 1 trillion (1012) species. If true, then the grand effort to discover Earth’s biodiversity has only come within a 1,000th of 1 per cent of all species on the planet."

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How did Cory Doctorow and William Gibson predict so much about the internet age? Simple: they are dark wizards

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Almost stepped on this poor little frog. Thankfully my dog stopped me and made us wait for it to cross our sidewalk to safety.


See the white stuff? That's a growing mother of vinegar. With any luck I will never have to buy vinegar again.


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While they had you scared of the perfectly safe nuclear reactors you missed the actually dangerous and radioactive coal ash ponds that got washed out


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Gonna bring an acoustic guitar to school tomorrow and rap about Beowulf. Fav for yes. Boost for hell yes.

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reminder that if you make users pay to use a dark theme on your software that your software is garbage
i have sensory issues and staring at black text on white backgrounds for even a small amount of time gives me extremely bad headaches, and there's tons of other people with the same or similar issues
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Using agriculture waste straw bales to build homes is an ingenious idea. It seems the capitalists agree as they build ugly mcmansions with them.

But this humble material had humble beginnings, and are an economical way for a family or community to build a winter tight home very quickly on a shoestring budget.

Clay plaster makes for a beautiful matte exterior that degrades safely and can be patched up.


Mi timas ke mi malsanigxas. Mi tuta familio estas malsana. Mi kaj mia patro estas ankoraux bone por nun. ...

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