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when I was getting my CS degree i took a bunch of phil, social science, and ethics classes for a minor. I can't understand why people wouldn't want to take those.

I got to write a paper about self replicating 3d-printer viruses that would DDOS physical space like locusts

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@polymerwitch that can make a nice and interesting scifi short story

@polymerwitch i’m super upset bc my university doesn’t allow cs majors to have a minor but we sure can have an EE double major

@polymerwitch the ways those classes are taught differ from university to university. In my experience history, philosophy and and economy classes were utter boring routine. Glad it's not the case for you!

@polymerwitch hahaha! That's so awesome! I remember Warren Ellis talking about a 3D printer virus that would essentially just print dildos forever (and him just losing his shit over it for weeeeeeks!) 😆

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@bVork @polymerwitch No one’s saying that there’s a guarantee, just that people should have the opportunity to become familiar with the materials.

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