I jokingly brought up a solarpunk simulator game recently. Well, I have been working on a project I call "In Our Hearts". IOH is still early in development, but it's a cross between animal crossing and the board game Bloc by Bloc where the protagonist is a community organizer and has to transform a neighborhood.

If I were to put this on site where you could support my work on it and I could post updates and such would you?

@polymerwitch off-topic but "in our hearts" reminds me of boktai, which was perhaps the original solarpunk simulator? i mean... a post-apocalyptic society built by vampires who claimed their rule was inevitable and the will of the universe are challenged by plucky youth using solar-powered technology to liberate humanity and survive in the face of despair? anyway the line you reminded me of was "may the sun shine forever in our hearts"

@trwnh cool! it's from a quote from the Spanish anarchist Durruti: "We carry a new world here, in our hearts"

@polymerwitch coincidentally this is not too far from boktai's overall thematic elements. it makes me wonder if hideo kojima was drawing inspiration from that quote or others like it

@trwnh @polymerwitch vampires as a name for people who dislike solarpunk and/or solar energy tho

@polymerwitch yes! if that article about Sim City and its influence is right this could be a Big Deal™

@polymerwitch I have basically no time to play games these days, but I would totally support this anyway because I think it’d be a good thing to have exist!

@polymerwitch I'd help you boost it. But that's about all I can do right now

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