@polymerwitch how deep do I have to go down the rabbit hole to understand it beyond the basic images and text I see?

@ng0 her cleaning method involves looking at things you own and deciding if they spark joy or not and tossing the things that do not spark joy. that's it

@polymerwitch to be honest I wished I had the money or thrift-shop/black-box places to get enough furniture to clean up my room once and for all. getting closer to this, step by step.

@ng0 i feel that. due to some mh stuff i've lost a lot in the past couple years and have had to downsize from a house to a small bedroom. i've been getting rid of a lot of stuff, but i still feel cluttered.

i hope soon i can have just what i have space for and maybe work on thriving in this new space

@polymerwitch it's little things for me which count. Like I used to have a wardrobe, but there were too many memories attached to my parents, so "it broke" (no idea if I made it break or if it really broke). Now my wardrobe is 50% sorted out to gift away and throw away, and 50% is in one of those Ikea bookshelves. Many big plastic storage boxes for all sorts of things stacking up.

I have ideas for building furniture on my own, but we first have to move. I never had much when I grew up.. funny coincident was losing almost all my clothes when I moved out of my parent's. Never assume your friend will label the bags "for charity" and "for yourself" as you wanted to.

The last city I lived in I had a very long room in the penthouse. My basic furniture from the hardware store I got then did fit right in. For normal rooms it doesn't fit in.

@polymerwitch legit though its wild how people trashing her are basically celebrating excess capitalism

@revolverocelot i think it's important not to over-analyze it. it's a show and book made to make a profit.

my mom was a hoarder, and i struggle with keeping my places tidy and not getting rid of junk. i found the Kondo's style non-judgemental and helpful, but i can see how it might not be for everyone.

i still think we should meme it for the revolution tho

@polymerwitch I didn't say it wasn't, I said a lot of detractors are celebrating capitalism.

There are valid reasons not to like it, there's just a huge swath of affluent white folk right now going but I WANT to keep these things I have the luxury of affording right!

@polymerwitch tldr the idea of co-opting it to meme against capitalism Sparks Joy

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