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"We call attention to the people and their bodies who are typically included in the data collection process, as well as to the people and their bodies who are typically left out. We question whose work gets recognized, and whose research questions should matter most."

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@polymerwitch you can eat any slime with enough perseverance

@polymerwitch OK FESS UP which masto user works for Jello R&D?

i want a girl with a short hat and a long skrrrrt

I'm gonna be moving my more personal and portland specific based posts over to


If you want to keep seeing my selfies, hearing about my life updates, and hearing about PDX go over there. If you want fun general takes and co-op takes they will still be here πŸ’–

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A finished emoji of Gritty for! This was very fun πŸ˜‚

also, you know I'm getting some for a bit...

does this mean that slime has gone mainstream? I'm so confused rn

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