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🎡Announcing My New Record! QIANA EP 🎡

i just released my new record QIANA. it's a - - album that i'm releasing and pay what you want.

about half of the tracks are made with tools like and . All art was done with and

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btw, if you are in pdx and want to come to this, hmu πŸ’– :acab:

today's the last day of summer, i only have to work a 4 hour work day, and i'm going to an anti-police bounce/juke/werk street dance party tonight. so ... i think today might be good 😎

LB i will always boost this image when it graces my TL

i can't stop listening to 24K Gold/Sanctified on this new Joey Purp album 🎡

we're still alive y'all

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sometimes i worry I'm a femme, broke, anarchist, version of Elon Musk ... actually no, i'm not worried about that

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im terrified the left still doesn't understand this, and will fall into the same trap that happened in 2016 and got Trump elected.

Being right doesn't matter. not in the way that ContraPoints talks about it though.

However, things like Clown Bloc and Pastel Bloc over Black Bloc should not be discounted as ways to move attention away from fascist platforms and onto radical leftist messages during street demos for example

i've been thinking about writing a thing for awhile about an anarchist take on speech in the modern world. What is it? How has it changed in the digital world? How is it wielded and weaponized? How can the left defend itself against common attacks from the right and center?

and most importantly ... how can the left start weaponizing speech and attacking instead of being pawns in others performances?

as i get older i notice my tastes changing in ways i thought they never ever would.

i'm starting to move to all light themes

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petition to change ContraPoints channel name to ThinkOfTheOptics

you know who I'm really afraid of? Waltoad.

Dude is so rutheless he made Nintendo erase him from every game.

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