I read some distilling info online and everyone kept referencing this book, so I picked it up. It really doesn't have too much additional information for what you can find already, though there is a section in the back where they give tips on dealing with particular types of plants.

Found a basic guide for dressing in the cold, in case it is helpful for those enduring and about to enduring dangerously cold weather. Try to stay warm y'all!

Did some weeding, slung a bit of mulch. Feel 500x better about the world, nothing like some solid exercise to help beat the winter blues. This is a picture of our latest mulch pile before we tore into it today. Full size shovel for scale. The white grid bin thingy is a free object we found on the side of the road, it is used to sieve the mulch.

V went through the hazelnut seeds, and the ones he decided weren't good enough to plant, I cracked, blanched, iced, and toasted. This took forever, but was important for getting the best possible flavor out of the nuts. Then made into this chocolate and hazelnut dessert, which he has already demolished half of.

For those in or near NC, USA - the next Moral March is in Raleigh, Feb 9th. This is an important event in North Carolina, that is part of a successful project to get a variety of Leftist legislation enacted (they've helped to increase the minimum wage, got the Racial Justice Act passed, and won the right for slaughterhouse workers to unionize, among other things) . More info - naacpnc.org/hkonj-peoples-asse

Scored some free kelp extract at work!!! I am pretty excited about it, though can't actually use it until spring comes. I have a full transcription of the label going up on my blog tomorrow, in case anyone else is excited by this sort of thing.

First really really successful foray into baking bread! It was surprisingly delicious and light and fluffy and has all been devoured by the household. Used this tutorial - thebibliosphere.tumblr.com/pos

More grafting at Solarpunk Plant Camp! This time we grafted cherry trees together (Montmorency + G.935)

My partner V teaching our friend Frankie how to graft fruit trees! We're having an unofficial solarpunk Plant Camp.

CW: protein health drink

PSA - this protein drink is super gross! Avoid it! There's better stuff out there. My curiosity demands that I try these things when I run across them, but in this case, spare yourselves.

Planted the 'Darwin' Tulips (supposedly they are likely to return year after year, not weird and mangled) and managed to get a little more radiant barrier installed under the house.

Tore apart the discount perennial plants to make lots more perennial plants! Their root systems look strong and healthy enough that I felt okay to directly plant them in the soil, instead of potting them up to let them grow out a bit. Cold temps are coming back soon, so we'll see how they fare. I've been wanting Centaurea montana for ages and the dwarf sunflower looked like a great pollinator plant.

Planted some Crocus and Hyacinth bulbs today. Every fall, I plant more bulbs along the driveway. Every Spring, I always wish I'd planted WAY more. Oh well, we do what we can. Not sure exactly how to caption, but it's a photo of two empty bulb bags.

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