Intro Post 

🦆 Freddie, 26, they/them
🦆 Nonbinary, trans, queer, pan; afab and not visibly or widely out
🦆 Depressed + anxious, probably autistic
🦆 I'm a non-denominational leftist
🦆 Long-Term Goals: write more often, finish my damn bachelor's degree, live in a commune w/ my friends and family
🦆 I work as an instructional assistant at a public high school
🦆 I currently live in southwestern Oregon, recently lived in the Boise area, originally from the SF north bay area
🦆 I've worked with for 6+ years, also have both reading and experience with agroecology, permaculture, organic gardening, herbalism, etc.
🦆 I love cooking and end up posting about that a lot
🦆 Polytheist with really shitty practice habits, mostly into ancient syncretic Mediterranean stuff, and also local cultus, cartomancy, and pop culture magic
🦆 Other interests include: classics, video and tabletop gaming, anime, sci-fi

🦆 I like infodumping, so please ask me questions about stuff!!

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