Hey so I'm not too sure how this all works, do you guys organize irl at all, or is it all online information distribution? I'd like to meet people of the same or similar ideologies.

@comradenomad treat this like twitter, it's like shouting into the void. Sometimes the void talks back, sometimes it doesn't. You can use hashtags to be found, and to find other people though. Sunbeam City has some other platforms associated with it, which is where stuff like the coop happens.

@planty Thank you, that makes sense. Where's this co-op at then? And to find people in my area, I should just use hashtags then?


@comradenomad there's some info here - sunbeam.city/about and yeah just search around the hashtags and try using some of your own. We're spread all over the world here, though most are in the US or UK or Europe I think.

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