We shouldn't have to work in winter. In the middle of summer and the middle of winter should just be quiet and peaceful times of year in continental places.

Let me bask in nature and recharge. Let me run through the ponds and streams again under dappled sunlight. Let travel up the river in my wooden canoe. Let me swim in the day and picnic in the shade. Let me build snow forts and drink hot tea in the sun. Let me slide down the hills overlooking our homes. Let me glide on the ice until it feels like I'm flying. You can join in, I promise it's so fun.

We aren't meant to be running around and stressing at these times, it feels unnatural.

We need more free time.

Life needs to slow down.

@piponfishing it would probably help prevent the whole planet from collapsing.

@blankideogram SO crazy that the solutions to beating climate change are pleasant and nice for most people, even utopian for many. Just not the rich daemons running the world.

@piponfishing I know. I sometimes sell my political idea: fewer adverts, less work, less commuting, less stress.

More time with kids, garden, friends, family. Time for coffee, exercise, chatting, cooking, walking, cycling, sunshine, outdoors.

You lose getting new gadgets every year, but you won't miss them, because you won't want them.

@piponfishing but even the green party don't seem to say that. Which I find genuinely weird.


people need to visualize it, It's why I want to make some art about the solarpunk slow life

The solution is just a bridge

Most people need a vision.

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