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Iwhen I dont add lol to my texts people think im angry,

on here it just sounds like I find myself hilarious

Canada is a strange place

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I feel so good today.

Jumping rope + iron supplements are boosting my mood holy shit.

I wish doctors were better at their jobs. On the bright side, its nice to know im capable of learning about nutrition and applying it to myself effectively.

I saw a black fly pollinating/eating dandilion pollen the other day, it flew from one to the other.

There are so many different kinds of pollinators, and they all need habitat to function as an ecosystem.

The shorter my hair is, the ruder old white men are to me.

Im buzzed at 0 right now lol. They are so passive aggressive, even the mere neighbor acquaintances are acting like I they don't know who I am.

its really nice out! to the point where im tempted to run more errands!

Im not a fan of subtooting / racism / Calling XR member out Show more

I loooove teaching, I like taking big ideas, breaking them down and making them simple. If something is within my understanding and frame of experience, id like to talk about it.

Any ideas?

I was also thinking of doing that suburbia faux anthropology thing and taking it to a whole new level.

I never go out there, so I would have to do research, lol it would be like a suburban hate marathon. A series if you will.

I was even afraid of you guys for a bit??!


I'm going to record my first podcast episode this week, so if you guys have suggestions here are general ideas.

-Self dx and autism
-Review of the review (suggestions??)
- an empathy bridge, parallels in marginalization
(this is a segment where I try to draw a political inter-sectional/inter-dimentional parallel to help people relate to one another)
- solarpunk daydreams

Yay for not not being afraid at getting better at things anymore!! omg lol, what a breakthrough. What a fucking weight gone.

You guys have been a miracle for my mental health

There was an autistic publishing how that had all kinds of neurodiversity books in it, does anyone remember what its called? Im so sad I can't remember.

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