Caption for "Wearable Workaround for Defensive Architecture" 

1. Bench designed to prevent homeless people from sleeping on it is circumvented by wearable padding.

2. Ramps placed around a building to prevent homeless from sitting on the sidewalk next to it. A woman sits on the ramps using angled, wearable padding.

Caption for "Wearable Workaround for Defensive Architecture" 

Thank you.

Is it just me, or are more people submitting uncaptioned images these days?

Caption for "Wearable Workaround for Defensive Architecture" 

@rick_777 the waves of new people bring inexperienced folk who then eventually learn... It takes time


It's not "defensive" architecture, it's *oppressive* architecture.

There should be homeless shelters and social workers looking for helping these people. Instead, what have we got? Uncomfortable benches.

Meanwhile, realtors and banks enjoy having empty foreclosed houses as their property. Grrrr.... :blobangery:

@persephone @raphael

@persephone Also what it feels like trying to come up with easy-to-use peerocratic technology in a world where all investment has gone into (and goes into) building centralised systems.

More performance art than anything else, but the point needs to be made. There are *reasons* that you don't treat people like pidgeons

@AceNovo @persephone
That makes me want to find some foam blocks, and recycle them into fixing oppressive architecture in my city.

But yes, the wearable aspect is 100% performance. It's useful in the same way as anti-panopticon make-up and body-art, but it's definitely not practical for those who need it

@aflightybroad @AceNovo @persephone Except that in most instances of oppressive architecture I've seen, the obstructions were welded on, so I would need some sort of power tool (and power for it) to remove it.

(I know how to use a manual metal saw, but I just don't believe I can saw by hand through all the obstructions on a bench, in my current state of health/spoons.)

A thing to do might be to get magnetic signs made so someone could pull their truck full of tools up to a bus stop or into a park and mod benches without having people call the cops on them

Power tools get attention, but the right camo might buy time to do the job in a durable way @persephone

@kellerfuchs @AceNovo @persephone mmmmn, fair! most of the ones i've encountered have been bolted on; sometimes you need a specialty wrench or weird niche screwdriver to remove them but it's possible without destroying the structure or using power tools. but that's only thinking about my own local area, so ... yeah .. i've blind spots and you raise good point!!

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