@ox there is much truth here. Some academic ppl theorize that weaving patterns are a type of code/ language, esp ones that convey family or clan info in the design. I've seen kids coding classes that use handweaving or crochet to make binary bracelets
It's so neat 😍

@glitterwitch @ox Knitting and crocheting have been used as a form of encryption in wartime, recording information in ways only another textile artist or someone clued-in would be able to read in a way that could be carried across the lines without drawing attention.

@ox Some early punched card programs were for weaving looms

@ox If knitting is turning complete, that would mean there is at least one alternate universe out there where the AI apocalypse was started by a particularly malicious scarf.

@ox when I first started knitting I said the same thing to the person who was helping me learn. It reminded me of using Reveal Codes in WordPerfect 5.1 all those years ago.

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