i gotta go buy dirt and haul it home on the city bus and i’m not feeling it

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Hey all, I wanna open up this invite again. I really want to grow organizing.social. This instance is a space for community organizers and we welcome folks trying to bring that work into a proper social media space.

The #fediverse is vast and has been amazing, but #OrgSoc is way too small :P

Here's an invite link:

We wanna encourage a diversity of voices and joining this instance will mean you are a part of deciding how it operates.

There's also Indigenous Futurisms!! It was inspired by AfroFuturism and there are tons of written works and art pieces for it! So if anyone is looking for more stuff to read/see or even just cool Indigenous stuff it's def worth checking out!

I personally highly recommend Rebecca Roanhorse's book "Trail of Lightning" (and the sequel is set to come out this year), but there's plenty of other stuff that can be found if you look online

Piracy without a plan to support the writers you are stealing from is exploitation of labor, which is plain vanilla capitalism.

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If you're furloughed and need insulin, there's a group trying to arrange supplies at mobile.twitter.com/Alt_OCHA

had a daydream where the character Gale from Breaking Bad was a left libertarian instead of a Ron Paul guy. he still cooked meth for Gus, but on the sly he used the superlab to cook up free asthma medication and insulin. Basically anarchists need a superlab

Solarpunk without afrofuturism is just white people with yard gardens,
Sorry not sorry.

personal mystical experiences of the divine only, and no masters

lately i’ve been petting the cat while she’s trying to sleep

but now i’m trying to sleep and she is retaliating in kind

i was disrespectful and i regret it

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@UnconventionalEmma Pretty great to see the end of capitalism quietly emerging as a subject of polite conversation.

had some hot philosophical takes and deserves at least as much respect for that as he gets for his more superficial modes of ass-kicking. in this essay i will

The title is not β€œTruth Comes Out of Her Well to Respect Mankind’s Privacy.” If you’re being harassed or stalked online they already threw their right to privacy in the garbage cuz their need to invade your space was more important. Abuse can only thrive in darkness & silence so post them receipts, post them dms, & do it unapologetically. This is not the 1980’s and their slick private grooming n public gaslighting ain’t sliding in 2019πŸ’…πŸ½.

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