You know, I don't think Neo Nazis, out and out racists, sexists and homophobes are the real issues in the fedi. We know where to put those overt displays hate, so it will handle it self.

The biggest problem is how many seemingly good people see this behavior in their friends and just let it ride because it happens to something they don't like or know.

That's when the waters get muddy. When you see your friends being bigots and just let it slide.

you can pick your pronouns
you can pick your friends
but you can't pick your friends' pronouns

So white people are going to go at Jeffery Epstein as hard as they went at Bill Cosby and R.Kelly, right?


uspol, news aggregation 

Recently, I've found myself increasingly distanced from the news. There are plenty of reasons for this, but I have little conscionable justification for being so out of touch with what is happening.

Since Twitter used to be my news outlet, and the fediverse has a pretty strong culture of not blasting news constantly, I went in search of an aggregate that I can check occasionally to stay on top of things. One I found is:

The people running the site probably fall around liberal/borderline "socialist," which is meh. BUT, they frequently give information on how to follow-up on what you're reading and how to start taking action. Imo, this is invaluable. It's just first steps, but those actions can lead a person a long way toward even more radical praxis.

Hey #FascistFourth: icymi there’s a big, purposeful, locally-organized response being planned for this weekend. Check out #AllOutDC, join up with them Saturday, and consider kicking in some cash from afar.

concentration camps 

When we say ‘never again’, we don’t mean ‘never again a Holocaust’, or we do mean that, but we mean more. We mean never again the yellow stars, never again krystalnacht, never again the work camps. Never again the laws that single out a group for persecution out of fear and hate.

Because if you wait to say ‘never again’ until the cattle trains are rolling, you’ve waited too long.

Jews in Boston will be standing against ICE tomorrow. Stand with them if you can. This is yet another racial cleansing sponsored by the US.


@phoenyxgreene omg people need to stop teaching boys "persistence works" like no you're just harassing people lmao

it's freaking me out that i keep seeing only single fireflies this year

"This collection is a disability-led effort to provide free and inclusive stock photos shot from our own perspective, featuring disabled BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) across the Pacific Northwest. "

#disability #resources #art

legal support for portland antifa 

"Donations to this fundraiser will go towards covering medical, legal, and post-arrest expenses for anti-fascist protesters who came out to confront and shut down white nationalism and violent bigotry in Portland on June 29th, 2019. Multiple anti-fascists were arrested towards the end of the action and need support to cover their post-arrest, bail, and legal bills!"

There were riots and protests before Stonewall, but there was something in that night that history now remembers as a turning point. 50 years ago tonight, things started to change for us. We stopped being people living in shame and darkness. We fought for our place in the light.
And slowly, bit by bit, we have been getting that place. Fight by fight, struggle by struggle. It's long and hard, its far from over, but we won't go back.

Every day we are adding more protests and demonstrations to #CloseTheCamps and #AbolishICE. Already events called in #Olympia and #SanFrancisco as part of the week of action to get @BankofAmerica to divest from #ConcentrationCamps. Get involved!

wayfair was found to be furnishing concentration camps--the employees are now on strike until they cease these contracts, don't use wayfair til further notice!

PNW, make your plans now. Less than a week until we stand against the Proud Boys.

spite, money, bad financial boundaries 

my parents gave me their credit card info so i can order stuff off amazon for them, and my dad is always telling me to use it to buy myself shoes, which i never do

but i can't lie, he's bought me some random shit this week that he doesn't know about, and i'm gonna add a queer YA novel or five to it, and im not sorry

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family, tea & meditation 

i need to cut caffeine out of my life, stock up on peppermint tea and chamomile, and get back on top of meditating twice a day. those have been the things that have helped most, besides being low contact.

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