hello lgbt community today i'm thinking about how to assemble resources as a ik we gotta seize the means of production but rn we only got what we got. so...what do we do/how to we begin that process

@orchid we start by liberating commadante pingu from his capitalist prison cell

@orchid There's lots that can be done! DIY, bartering, circular economies, networks of mutual aid...

My favorite groups for this are the Transition Network and the Buy Nothing Project

I also have resources on my tumblr which I'm slowly moving here under the hashtag "SolarpunkResource"

@socalledunitedstates yeah i guess i'm just reflecting! how do we effectively distribute the resources/talents/strength we already have? what steps would i, personally, be able to take to help organize others?

@orchid Depends on what you're interested in! There's plenty of work to do

If you want you can privately send me your general area/closest city and I'll find nearby groups for you?

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