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I'm in the process of setting up on, feel free to follow me there if you'd like

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Subeam City, Meta, Staying in touch 

I made a thread for staying in touch with Sunbeam peeps.

The forum will be up for a while longer even if the instance goes down.

I'm in the process of setting up on, feel free to follow me there if you'd like

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This came up yesterday on another account and I'm curious to know what the numbers look like. :)

Those of you with phobias, how do you feel about words like transphobia, homophobia, etc. to describe bigoted attitudes/acts?

Boosts are helpful to get many diverse responses!


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@mint you've heard of Death Of The Author, now for the new hotness in literary analysis: Fuck You, Author

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I'm just going to tell myself the reason every chemist has run out of hand sanitiser is because every person in the UK very sensibly went out and bought one (1) bottle each last week.

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@popstar additionally:
• the heart strain typically associated with obesity is caused by yo-yo dieting, not being fat (weight loss stresses the heart)
• new research shows that being fat actually helps people survive disease and injury at higher rates than skinny people

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trans pol (easy ally action!) 

The Grauniad has run yet another transphobic column from one of their full stable of transphobic columnists.

You can sign this petition to object:

(I don't know if there's another peition saying they should hire anyone other than oxbridge educated middle class white people, but perhaps that would be a more efficacious route.)

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make sure you feed your gender all the nutrients it needs

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Whenever I see someone complaining about a "lack of free speech" on the internet, my brain automatically interprets it as "I really hate that I'm expected to be nice to people"

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The word "dapper" implies the existence of a lesser form, "dap," and a potential ultimate form, "dappest."

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The #coronavirus exposed the capitalist system and our hypocrisy toward #China.

Instead of business shutting down we in the capitalist West were inundated with worries about the "narrative", "growth" and "consumer sentiment" as if those mattered more than stopping a pandemic.
And at the same time the Chinese government was mocked, we told its measures would never work and that it was lying about the numbers.

Well, their measures worked, our platitudes did not and while their numbers seem to largely reflect reality the data from the US was entirely wrong.

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With Solarpunk action week 2020 almost here I thought it would be a good time to give a primer on how to make seedbombs.

#solarpunk #solarpunkActionWeek #SolarpunkDIY

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boost if

capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

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Hate how nothing you do is counted as 'work' unless you're employed. Making art is work. Exercising is work. Keeping up with your social circle is work. Educating yourself and others is work. Cleaning is work. Managing your mental and physical health is work.

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Heliogabalus: *socially transitions and commissions roman surgeons to attempt GRS on her*

Cistorians: "Excuse me while I proceed to excessively misgender this person that ordered people to refer to her as a woman"

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If you're not in favour of universal and unconditional:

🍍 Housing
🍍 Drinkable water
🍍 Food
🍍 Medical care
🍍 Income

If it's your considered belief that some people literally deserve to die of starvation or exposure or something because they aren't good enough at *making money*:

You're a monster, please un-follow me

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I really love this

Short interviews, and pictures, of non-binary people. I love it because they're mostly older, they're mostly not white, and I'm just always starved for perspectives like that.

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if listening to PoC and understanding their struggles is something you refuse to engage with because it's distressing to you, when you never have to face that existence and society every day, you're not a progressive.

there are loads of white people who would never hear PoC perspectives if not for a space like fedi, we should embrace this amazing community of extremely smart people with lived experiences that can teach us so much about an aspect of the kyriarchy we will never have to face directly.

thank you for all the people on here who have taught me so much stuff by sharing and talking about these things so I can show my ass less when talking about things

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