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enjoyed meditating in a graveyard and then biking around berlin somewhat-randomly for a few hours

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A lot of guys don't know this but a cute floral sundress is the pinnacle of tactical utility wear

- single unit convenience
- unconstrained lower body movement
- blends into background (flowers)

sometimes feel like I am a combination of things which could not possibly come to resolution with itself

("learning to be ok with not feeling ok" is an interesting phrase I learned from yung pueblo)

confusing bug in the auto-renewal configuration that I still don't totally understand / looking forward to migrating this to distributed forum software or using some framework like at some future point

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just fixed the ssl certificate which had expired again

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Can we stop being bombarded by adverts?

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playing with some poppy pods I collected in the park. they have a really interesting structure

had an unusual flurry of notifications on and realized it was because cory arcangel "followed" my "grow your own food of software" channel and others followed suit

thought to myself "I feel stuck in a loop", and then thought "of course you feel that way, the sun is literally in a loop everyday, and the rest of the solar system too" and laughed

trying out using firefox translate extension to auto-translate my mastodon feed into german, so I can practice german while I'm here

has anyone ever done a study to find out how ambulance siren volume empirically effects transit times and what would be the minimum effective volume of a siren, or do they just put it at max volume

been thinking about phone use as a normalized form of stimming

having stopped drinking caffeine for a period, enjoyed brewing a mate and treating it as a psychedelic experience and divinatory practice

last night dreamed i discovered a forgotten video of michael jordan playing basketball as a highschool student with two of his friends at a public basketball court near my house - they were just having a good time and doing a lot of crazy dunks, which is what most of the dream consisted of

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Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

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burning a black flag could be considered a way of honoring it

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flags on fire are more beautiful than flags, in general, imo

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weddings are a form of ritual magic that is accepted and practiced by the mainstream, they just may or may not recognize it as such or know that the witches among us are performing similar modalities of ritual magic year round for all kinds of things, small and large

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