staying at friends place, curious about the books on their book shelf

another day, another set of jars to poke holes in the lids of

Made fire cider today, for myself and to give to some friends. This is the third year I’ve done this now.

the recipe I use is:
Horse radish, ginger, onion, garlic, cayenne (or other) pepper, all diced and in equal parts. I additionally add diced turmeric on the top, a lemon wedge, and yarrow (these parts considered more optional, and you could choose other herbs. I include yarrow because I feel an affinity towards it). Then fill the jar with apple cider vinegar and let it sit for 4-6 weeks, some also suggest to bury it on the full moon and unbury it on the next full moon if that’s your preferred way to keep track of time.

Then strain the liquid, and drink a small shot each morning. Its spicy and it wakes you and your immune system up. You can also use the strained material (the mark) to cook with.

Many people report that they stop getting sick after working with it. There’s also an interesting back story behind it. Continued in next post (out of characters)

when you are surfing the internet and you come across a friend you were not expecting

reunited with plant after friends were plant-sitting for four months. still would have loved my friends even if they had killed the plant, but was happy to see it grew a lot and gained a flower under their care

confusing but interesting looking chart from "The challenge of plant regeneration after fire in the Mediterranean Basin: scientific gaps in our knowledge on plant strategies and evolution of traits"

here's a picture of the standing desk I was using this summer, when I was in vermont and could work outside

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this summer switched to using a standing desk exclusively for the first time.

it seems to be be really good for me, and feeling grateful. have had stress and pain in my neck and lower back at various points. in particular switched to the standing desk when I was experiencing pain in my lower back. its now gone away, and general body pain seems to be at an all-time low

this picture of the standing desk I made in my apartment from some random things I found lying around and on the street

one of my trans friends told me that their favorite time of evening is when the sky and clouds form the colors of the trans flag and I appreciate this often now too

a part of me loves working on the computer, but for me personally I find any room I work on the computer in gets an energetic presence that makes it strange to do other things there, a sort of residue. someday I hope to work in a shack explicitly for computer work, with an inside inspired by this image by Josan Gonzales ( and an outside surrounded by jungle and other computer-free zones

image found via @glyph

"Maybe you're not lost. Maybe you've just been given the false impression that everything needed to be figured out by now."
- @xavier.dagba (

while watching birds fly around this cathedral tower,
found myself imagining Ethereum and related ecosystems as a giant cathedral that many humans had built, and the birds flying around it as people contributing to building it -- to something much larger than them and beyond any one bird --
and thought about all the cathedrals all around the world, and other giant structures humans have built at different points...

It was a very neutral image, not entirely positive or entirely negative,
then noticed it was 7:28AM and I was looking out the window and it was probably time to start the day

"an infinite accelerationist compass for brainstorming" from by @potaotau

I'm "Anarcho-Renewable Livestream Forests", tag yourself

taking a moment to appreciate the artistry of this kleinanzeigen post where op really photographed this pot from six angles

^ sterilizing liquid culture and agar to try to clone this oyster mushroom

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