remembering when I was in brooklyn six years ago and the trend had started of “painting” advertisements as “murals” onto walls, somewhat imitating graffiti

and thought about strawberry flavored things with no strawberry etc.

also not sure if this trend was before that or continued after, that’s just when I remember seeing it

in the book “Reverse Hallucinations in the Archipelago”, about the legacies of colonial naturalists in Southeast Asia, I learned that many birds of paradise became endangered due to a trend in the UK at the time of putting birds of paradise feathers on hats

feels similar to me in some ways too. finding the feathers beautiful shows some recognition of appreciation, but missing the essence, that being a living being is ultimately the source of its beauty and is incompatible with being a hat

@notplants Makes sense. European society is very kitsch. They basically love to dedicate attention to "things that are a thing but without the essence of the real thing", which is an interesting perspective in order to be a colonialist if you think about it.

@notplants Yeah, that's essentially Kitsch as well. Something passing itself as the original thing, but with no intention of pretending to BE the original. An interesting book exploring Kitsch is this one: but I don't know about English publications of it.

@garlic_onions I never knew what kitsch meant before, that makes a lot of sense

I guess I enjoy kitsch things when they are bad imitations of something I didn't like in the first place... like fake imitations of "ornate fancy decoration".... or playful imitations, like jewelry made of trash... but maybe unaware kitsch versions of nice things is what feels fake and hallow .. or im not sure.. but interesting

@notplants Yah I think in this case there's an overlap with Camp. I think trash Jewellery would be Camp because there's a sense of irony and self-awareness to it

@notplants There are a lot of elements of contemporary western society that are kitsch, specially because nostalgia itself is kitsch. Botanical gardens, for example, are kitsch

@notplants Camp is like self-aware kitsch. It's kitsch as a commentary on the aesthetics of bad-taste

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