been thinking about phone use as a normalized form of stimming

@notplants I definitely feel like this + the fact that ur phone/tablet contains multiple DIFFERENT stims(music, reading, writing, games) that makes the phenomenon where you pick up ur phone and look at it but have NO idea what you actually want to do. Your brain just wants phone.
Ive been trying to redirect myself to other stims when I find myself doing this with pretty decent success.

@joemama mm yes the fact it’s many things seems like a pretty key difference from many other objects (that also might make it confusing to brains)

I’ve also been thinking about how to redirect my stimming to slightly more nourishing forms. Like for me i think there was a period where I doomscrolled mainstream news as a stim... but it also made me feel anxious without many clear other benefits. Maybe recognizing that stimming is part of the need that’s being fulfilled is a helpful first step to figuring out what stims actually work best for you and don’t zap your life force or mine your data in the process

also curious what you redirect to, if you feel like sharing


@joemama this is also making me imagine an alternative phone that doesn’t beat around the bush, and is just a colorful rectangle you swipe around, or something like that

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