having stopped drinking caffeine for a period, enjoyed brewing a mate and treating it as a psychedelic experience and divinatory practice

@notplants hehe I stopped caffeine 3 weeks ago when I started reading about Ayurveda and understanding my relationship with food more. My go-to drink in the morning is a mint, turmeric and coriander infusion, I like it a lot.


@focus404 ayurveda is also what inspired me to tone down the caffeine. I find “vata out of balance” to be a frequent issue for me (and a more helpful explanation of a variety of things I experience, than other frameworks I’ve encountered). my goto morning drink has been ginger tea. that concoction sounds really good, I want to try it too. where have you been reading about Ayurveda?

@focus404 full disclosure: even when “stopping caffeine” I still drink matcha and decaf coffee (still containing some caffeine) as it feels easier to me than zero caffeine, but I stay away from normal coffee or mate which clearly effects my system in a much more powerful way

@notplants I found an "unbalanced Pitta", which means I need to cool my body with fresh, non-spicy, non-exciting foods. I mostly read random sites I find in French, Spanish or English, I haven't found a complete and solid one yet

@focus404 fwiw I learned a bunch and enjoyed reading “Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide” by David Frawley. have also picked up a lot from talking with friends and teachers in more casual settings (also still totally not an expert). once I get a digital garden up, I want to add a section with resources and would love to hear what random sites you found too

@focus404 *i would also be curious even before i make a digital garden (also who knows when i will find time, even though it’s something i’ve been thinking about for a while)

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