Some endurance nutrition basics I've learned:

It's important to eat during exercise if your session is longer than 90 minutes. During that time the liver glycogen stores are depleted, after which fat (and muscle protein?) are broken down for energy.

Depending on exercise intensity, one should aim to consume 60 g carbohydrates / hr. Glucose is absorbed at a rate of 1 g / min, so 60 g / hr is the theoretical limit. Fructose is absorbed via a separate pathway so it's helpful to consume both.

@glyph interesting. I’ve been doing a fair amount of intermittent fasting recently, while also being quite active, and feeling mostly ok. usually eating breakfast at noon, and dinner from 5-8 as only meals. mostly out of preference because after eating I feel quite tired, and even when hungry I usually feel lucid and energized. I wonder what’s happening with my blood sugar though and other metabolic aspects... i have been nerd sniped


@glyph now that I think about it, since i’ve been doing this more, I have noticed that when I drink juice/kombucha, I feel very high lol ... maybe something along these lines explains it .. like when I’m fasting i’m basically ok, but something is depleted, and when I drink the sugary drink it’s quite impactful hmm

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