Question about origin of swamps with dead trees:

near my friend's house in new lebanon new york, there is a swamp where all the trees seem to be dead

does anyone know how this might have come into being?

since the swamp is filled with dead trees, I imagine at some point the trees had to be living -- I'm guessing it was a forest at some point before it became covered in water

but I don't know how or when it became covered in water (and why not before?), or maybe there's also another explanation

some photos are attached

I found this article describing a similar phenomenon with ghost forests in new wetlands near the coast due to rising sea levels (, but this particular spot is not near the coast. although it is nearish (1-2 km) to some fresh water rivers and streams

@notplants maybe a dam or reservoir around? a few of these near my hometown, and I've been told they were the product of re-routed streams and artificially expanded ponds

@notplants this marsh-y pond was created by a 5 foot dam built in the 1930s on a neighboring lake

@henry interesting references ! there is a possibly man-made pond right near by that I was wondering if might be related ... I also hear some folks speculating beavers could also be the cause lol

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