this summer switched to using a standing desk exclusively for the first time.

it seems to be be really good for me, and feeling grateful. have had stress and pain in my neck and lower back at various points. in particular switched to the standing desk when I was experiencing pain in my lower back. its now gone away, and general body pain seems to be at an all-time low

this picture of the standing desk I made in my apartment from some random things I found lying around and on the street

it looks like a balancing act, but actually all flat surfaces and quite stable

also for anyone inspired to replicate. for what its worth, I've found it helpful to have no sitting option. at first I would get tired by the end of the day, but with time different muscles have strengthened, and by the time I'm tired its usually a good time to stop anyway

here's a picture of the standing desk I was using this summer, when I was in vermont and could work outside

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