Here is a re-post to the fediverse of a recent email newsletter from Hridaya on “Trust & Surrender”. Surrender is a word that I had a lot of resistance to, but over time its meaning to me changed and it became something I find beautiful and think about often. If I could put it into one sentence, it might be distentangling caring from surrendering.

Why Trust and Surrender?

It’s natural for the soul to be called beyond the material frontier. A bird cannot remain forever in its nest. It needs to fly. Trust is the faith of a bird that feels the lightness of the breeze under her wings before she ever opened them. Flying is a leap of faith.

Why trust and surrender? Because you are infinitely more than your mind and body, vaster than what you take yourself to be. You don’t need to be frightened by the mystery and wonder of your own presence anymore.

The longing that starts as a vague intuition grows later into trust, to further complete itself in constant and total surrender.

This trust is Trust by excellence. It is not the mind’s belief in something. It’s not the trust of positive thinking adepts because it doesn’t refer to any object. It is just Trust… Not a “trust in…,” because ultimately it doesn’t address anything, or you could say it is trust in everything and nothing at the same time, trust in what you really are.


Trust is evidence that Love is stronger than death…

Surrender is the blossom of Trust. It is the only wise choice when you realize that you are in exile here and home is calling you.

Surrender is your main chance for realization. Without surrendering your personality, there wouldn’t be longing, empathy, compassion, and love. The real key to awakening is surrender.

Surrender is a paradox since it can’t be an act of personal will, but it is a conscious act of trust… It may seem difficult, but when it happens, it’s so easy—the most freeing release. Surrender shrouds you in beauty, bringing awakening, inspiration, and love.

Rumi says:
If they ask what Love is, say, the sacrifice of will.
If you have not left will behind, you have no will at all.

Surrender is a complete act because it echoes on all levels of the being. It means dropping all masks, layers of personality, and limitations. At the same time, surrender means settling in Self-awareness, in Truth.

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Real surrender is sacrificing individuality to universality, the temporal to the eternal, the limited form to infinity.

Surrender is freedom—beyond judgment, resistance, or personal intentionality. It’s another term for being aware, centered in the Spiritual Heart, transparent to the Self. Absolute Consciousness is pure surrender.

So, let your soul fly; just trust and surrender…

With Love,

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