got any favourite zines?
I'm looking for some zines to put in the little free store.
bonus points if:
- Black and white
- Nothing too radical (aka, accessible to the general public not something that needs you to know a bunch of anti-capitalist/leftist terms and concepts)
- Has a format online that I can print
- diy/how to stuff (i just like it)

perhaps a faux pas to share my own work, but here is a zine I made about ways to use your phone less that might fit the criteria arena-attachments.s3.amazonaws

@notplants this looks really cool! And i might try implementing some of these.
Do you have it in a format where each page is on its own page? I have a feeling having for example pages 2 and 3 on one sheet will make it tricky to print out


@sunflower_avenue glad you enjoyed it. and yes zine printing is hell sometimes. here is a version where each page is on its own page arena-attachments.s3.amazonaws

@sunflower_avenue fwiw I also asked my collaborator how they printed the first pdf I linked and this is what they said, "how we printed it is arranged 4 pages (2 spreads) per sheet of A4 paper, double sided; you cut in half and fold." so thats another possibility. but whenever ive printed zines i end up confusing myself with the page layout

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