quarantine diaries

my whole personality is now: bread
I identify as: a baker

can’t escape from it

I am also about to go to sleep and try lucid dreaming after an extensive research and study on the topic. This would be an amazing tool for my Craft.

hi so I have some mutuals that are consistently nice to me, so if you want to get to know each other better and become friends instead of mutuals we could share Discord tags or even Instas.
This also applies to people I’m not following back but have had conversations with me. Ok thx time to go to sleep.

People in my country have started calling the cops on randos they see on the street (aka assuming they’re breaking the lockdown), filming it to shame them on social media and endorsing things like cops slapping a guy who was not resisting. I am so bloody D I S G U S T E D. You’re supposed to lick the boot no need to deepthroat it.


A friend of mine told me this morning “you are your actions” and I see now that 90% of the things I do are super focused on spreading kindness just for the sake of it

so I think I might be a good person!?

I thanked a cashier for her work and sacrifice being in such a vulnerable position during this scary times so people like me can still take care of their families and she got super teary eyed and super grateful

do I gain anything from that, really? no

but someone feels better because I let myself be honest and vulnerable and that is AMAZING

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being kind for no reason except to brighten people’s days is punk as fuck

strong foxfire is the best foxfire

every day there’s an stronger version of foxfire

and I’m not done evolving yet

btw @glitterwitch you ducking rock you’re such a tender spirit and I really feel blessed for having you be this random part of my life 🥰🌸

I’m mentally ill, yes. But am I deceiving people if I don’t disclose it from the very first moment? Hell no. I’m not a ticking time bomb and I can see how it’s really influenced people’s perception of my reactions or actions in a very harming way for me.

This is such an important moment of self discovery I’m sharing live with y’all. I’m proud of myself.

this quarantine feels like a very fucking long bad trip

very proud of having turned today’s mental breakdown into a more healthy approach to how I present my mental illnesses to new people in my life and how I judge myself because of them

You’re all being really sweet and helpful I can thank you all enough.

Please don’t ignore this I’m really really confused and lost.

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wow I’m a hot mess today running on zero hours of sleep, a coffee and spite towards this unfair situation

súper confused sometimes about my English may sound broken

like right now lmao

confession, suicide 

somehow Masto has made me realize I understand written French

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