lol my small, unlisted, barely half a gig of ram minecraft server just got raided by an army of italian youtubers who were streaming to twitch how is everyone else's day going

@neufv How did it hold up? Any massive griefing or just a crashy lag fest?

@drisc well i realized i was going to have to restore from a backup anyway, so i gave all of them full privileges and the server finally crashed when someone tried to detonate 84000 blocks of tnt at the same time

@neufv Not gonna lie, that’s bloody amazing. I love when things go crazy and people try to break stuff just for the hell of it.

@drisc yeah exactly. i love it when games like this can show me a level of chaos that literally doesn’t exist anywhere else

@neufv @drisc I have fond memories of using some kind of hacky addon to create a giant floating sphere of lava that would crash the game if you looked at it

@liam @neufv One time while playing Feed the Beast, I screwed up some of the magic from a mod so bad that it created a black hole zone. If you entered it your game would crash and the server would spring a giant memory leak

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