okay, i’ve decided i’m making @neufv my main account. there’s an internal discussion that’s been going on for a while at sunbeam coop and i can only see it end in a way nobody will be proud of, so i’ll go be solar at cybre. most of you follow me there anyway. see ya

Day 5 - Chicken

Beware the infinite chicken orb
This one was more of a goof

#inktober #proptober #mastoart #3dart

we don't want a slice of the cake,
we want the whole bakery!

im learning a lot on this trip. one of the things im learning is that i want a boat

@citrustwee Still number one and now on a new instance, please update your records accordingly

While you’re at it, consider:

that’s all this week!!!!! sorry im tired

if your bio does not contain anagrams what are you doing

might fuck around and quit programming and art to just become full time twitch streamer

@dayglochainsaw - forced my hand
@neufv - good account, has ff ed me = great account
@pisschrist - same as above, it's good toot's inc over there
@lynnesbian - look at her latest video post
@citrustwee - i heard she beats people up who don't ff

Me [snickering with ill intent]: Oh Mastodon, I'm heartbroken. My beloved pet of four years, he got sick and passed. RIP to my pooch, Sargon of Akkad. [Laughs evilly]
Mastodon: [outpour of sympathy and compassion, people telling their own stories]
Me : oh fuck off everyone

Tired: brutalist architecture
Wired: brutalist architecture consumed by plants

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I can't stop thinking about the potential for recycled pallets to be used as vertical planters. There's so much vertical space in cities that could be filled with these:

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