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horizontal workplace news: a coworker called in asking for one of us to drive him to a doc appt because his car broke down. Someone's collecting a wage for this.

horizontal workplace news: I feel like I know everyone's music taste, but only the portion of their taste that they figure other people won't mind listening to.

L: redneck rap, irish punk
T: grateful dead, classic rock
S: 80s rap, emo
S(the other one): Ska, grateful dead
E: grateful dead, classic gangsta rap, classic country
C: studio ghibli downtempo piano covers, lo fi hip hop beats to study to
L: salsa & bachata (actually runs a goth show on local radio)
ME: women of folk and americana, 90s girl power pop

(guess our ages...)

we have a niche of enthusiastic supporters, and they're not bike nerds but deadheads

horizontal workplace news: the privilege of coming in first thing in the morning is being the one to set the music (everyone else feels at least a LITTLE pressure to not stray too far from that genre...)

horizontal workplace fact: if you refer a customer to the person who knows what they're asking, and refer to that person as "the boss", it circumvents the customer's Speak To The Manager brain and they're satisfied with an actual expert

#^How One Man Singlehandedly Repopulated a Rare Butterfly Species in His Backyard

Long gone from their home in San Francisco, the California pipevine swallowtail is back thanks to one man transforming his yard into a habitat for them The iridescent blue wings of the California pipevine swallowtail are considered by collectors to be among the most magnificent in North America. For centuries …

The viscosity of water changes when it heats up. It gets thiccer when it's hot. You can recognize the difference because you have heard hot and cold drinks being prepared your whole life. You just probably never used your sense of hearing to identify water's temperature.

complicating my enduring enjoyment of the West Wing rewatch is the fact that Josh's actor is my cousin. I wasn't fully aware of the fact when I watched it as a preteen, and now just every drop of the ship content is UGH UGH YUCK UGH.

(yes, like all People With Money he still has neolib brainworms)

causing dry spring
to flow again.

in horizontally structured workplace world, boss gets you coffee

anti-augustinian rhetoric 

message I sent today: "hi ! I saw you called. I've been in a VERY bad depression spiral and trying to sabotage all my friendships (sorry!) (happy belated birthday!)"

i hope this emboldens you to do the same :p

considering: deep-diving into my email archive to find a woman who I considered renting from 3+ years ago, to find out what became of the sustainability school she was starting up a few rural miles away from here...

(superheros-live-together-like-a-family is the closest media representation of my social life I've ever seen. YES I KNOW living and working with the same people is a stupid idea but that's cooperatives babey)

i'm seeing more of them. I'm tempted to just like, attach a form letter sending everyone who likes or reblogs a superheros-live-together-like-a-family image to sign up for NASCO institute.


that and HOLY SHIT the scene with the vice-principal

someone brought up "tobias breaking under torture" as a childhood narrative formative moment and I'm like AAARRGHH I STAN ONLY ONE LEGEND IN VARIOUS FORMS

once upon a time before bucky barnes there was tobias from the animorphs and let me tell you: I have very basic and unchanging taste.

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