Reminder that coops flourished during the great depression, being one of the few reliable sources of employment, and that credit unions were by and large the only financial institutions to make it through the '08 recession unscathed

Supporting the cooperative economy isn't just some long-term fantasy of slowly weakening capitalism from within until it withers. It's also vital dual power, and it'll be just as vital even if neoliberalism collapses in the next few years (which it very well might)

Support! Your! Local! Coop! Economy!

When I was in my 20s and got into general lefty activism, I kept being told by older people that I'd change my mind when I got older and I'd become more conservative.

I've only just realised, this was all about them and nothing about me. They gave in, they stopped fighting, and they became more conservative, because it was easier. They were bought-off by capitalism. They were talking about themselves.

Anyway, now I'm 52, and I'm an .

Good morning comrades. Let's rise and grind according to our ability and get this bread according to our needs

a thing I just realized:

another fact about reality that the tropes of superhero films conceal is that there are in fact MANY cases in which violence is considered legal, for ordinary people.

Superhero ginned up ethical pain over deaths, when they're the ones instigating violence, or ginned up moral last straw over Never Killing No Matter How Evil

obscures, and probably on purpose, the spectrum of choice involved in an actual person resisting violence.

this thought brought to you by a court decision affirming that "a woman killing her physically abusive spouse, while he is sleeping" was self defense, and therefore, in their words, *justifiable*

Telling a friend about a story I read, she asks "sfw?" I answer "gen"

Still involved in networks of illicit information I see...

the three still-not-unpacked pallets that are blocking our way to a good third of our merchandise have been named "the mystic mountains"

Friend and I listing what we DO like about Xmas:

Contemplating darkness
Fire, candles
The xmas proclamation (the catholic ritual)
Contemplating light
Ghost stories
Saint Stephen
Saint Wenceslas
Holly and yew
Large anonymous donations to the poor

... Unfortunately these are not the popular parts of xmas.

There Are Still Gods is what i mean to say whenever i stay up too late (whatever that means)

i mean in the large scale it has to do with how some traumas are too large to approach alone and can only heal interpersonally, but it's absolutely inarticulable without pregaming 2 complicated and internally contradicting sci fi/fantasy canons in 2 or 3 different mediums and who would, honestly

fucking shame that my best idea ever is a black widow/winter soldier Daemon AU plot device

i guess margaret atwood is writing a sequel to handmaid's which is ok i guess, but there's a fanfic out there that is all the sequel to handmaid's I ever want

(it's about an aid worker in britain helping handmaid refugees, both exhausted-frustrated-intolerant of their trauma and distrust of beauocracy, and frighteningly (to the reader) unaware of the growing control and misogyny in her own culture. Good Ass Shit.)

I will sacrifice any amount of complexity for "not needing a pattern in front of me" in knitting.

two of my coworkers are holding up folded tires to their ears and pretending to have a 'customer service call with a dumbass' conversation

In general: consider a medium insult thats technically misogynistic like Idk "dickhole" or something.

Its totally a twitter thing to scold someone like "don't say dickhole thats sex negative" or whatever

Why is it on me to be nicer when im expressing my anger? Why is that the moment to work on the cultural norms of language?

I understand making an effort on even the tiniest things when talking with friends, chosen community, political actions, words in public, educating or doing outreach...

But why around *expressions of anger* themselves.

Look at the 'all aggression is the same, niceness is the only way' log in yr eye folks.

@Stichwitchery I just learned "melungeon" means an african/native/european heritage person. From "melange" aka french for mixed. I thought it was just a way your dad said melon-headed :P

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