Adam's name composed
of initial letters
of four stars
from the four quarters
of the heavens.

I accept that I'm getting the lowest possible rung of food but I'm impatient for new pickles

Yeah yeah I'm going to US restaurants but I thought for once I'd get a homemade pickle this time but sake-lees pickled radish tasted!!! Sugary!!! And looked like uncooked meat!!!

Every Japanese pickle I've ever tried has been unpalatably sweet. When will this cuisine embrace sour/spicy???

Today in Late Stage Capitalism: US Farmers buying 40-year old tractors for c.60% the price of a new one, becuase they can actually repair them without the manufacturer rent-seeking


throwback to when my bike shop sponsored a regional cider tasting and we brought bike accessories to sell on the day, but the ticket-buying cider-drinking demographic doesnt know the first thing about biking, so we wound up telling various entertaining lies to extremely drunk people about what tire levers were for.

Frontrunner: "They're 'cider spoons'"

also: is there a "webring" script? that would, for example, randomly serve you the most recent post from any of a opted-in list of allied blogs?

Here's the percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war.

Source: Washington Post

anyone know any bike mechanics in the Madison area? We're gonna need some.

us: 15/hr, respectful shop culture, flexible schedule, 6 to full time hours a week

you: self-directed, independent worker, asks questions before making mistakes, likes responsibility

would like to write and share more in long form. Is there a way to use write.as or plume (or some other federated option) but customize the heck out of mine, look and feel?

Like tumblr, is what I'm thinking.

Otherwise, should I just make a static site? maybe make a static site and mirror it to a federated writing platform?

sometimes policing without the police means seeing a guy you thought was out of town and then calling the guy he owes a lot of money.

from birbsite,

with the 250 million workers in India who are going on a nation-wide general strike today — called by 10 trade unions, supported by 175 farmers organizations, 60 student groups and many more. Last January, it was 150 million (largest in world history)! ♥️✊🏽


ok so ive been informed that american soldiers are poor. i guess, unlike the people they are murdering full time, who should just stop being killed.having realised that its that simple, i retract this thread

copied from twitter: For anyone in the US military considering going AWOL, becoming a conscientious objector, or withdrawing your consent in some other way--the GI Rights Hotline is run by civilians and offers free, confidential counseling & information. 1-877-447-4487 girightshotline.org/en

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