Hello! We're translating a book and we'd like help from some English native speakers. We're struggling with the word "male-bodied" and "female-bodied". We don't know to whom is "targeting" the word (e.g. would be trans guys included inside the "male-bodied" group? It depends if the person has had body modifications?

Also, there are some other concerns that this terms have raised such as "are the terms transphobic"?

To give some more context, the book is "What about the rapists" (dysophia.org.uk/dysophia-5-now), which is about abuses and sexual assault within the anarchist scene and the processes of accountability.

We'd like to know *exactly* to whom is "targeting" each term and if there are other synonyms that have exactly the same meaning.

Boosts, visibility and interaction would be really appreciated

@nefix okay so there's some wiggle room here but i've mostly seen like- "female-bodied" means "a person whose body approximately matches what we would expect on a woman"- so cis women, nonbinary people who were assigned female at birth, & some trans men.

IME phrases like this are either used in a misguided attempt at inclusion of everyone OR they're sometimes used to take into account how an onlooker might perceive a body, even if that body's owner might not agree w/the assessment.

@nefix i would assume by "male-bodied" they mean people with penises
i would assume they intended to include trans women in this group

i've seen multiple trans people the terms male-bodied and female-bodied, and say that if what body parts people have is relevant, ie for medical reasons etc, is better to refer to that directly, eg people with penises, people with wombs

the original book appears to be written with the assumption that only people with penises rape or otherwise abuse there partners, which is unfortunately not true

i would suggest translating "male-bodied" word for word, its an unusual phrase in english, and other than people with penis i cant think of an other phrase that conveys the same meaning

@radikalgrafitio First of all, thanks for your reply! It's been really helpful.

To clear up a bit, the part of the book where this phrasing appears, is a communique, from an anonymous. Before this, there's the "Gender Framework" section, which breaks down the statement of "only people with penises rape". It says something along the lines of "gender is complicated, sexual assault doesn't have to do anything with the gender, but we can't ignore the fact that the majority of aggressions are done by men against women"

Anyway, thank you for the answer, it's been really helpful

Answering questions about transphobia (1) 


The words male- and female-bodied are almost universally applied in transphobic contexts. The concept is also acutely weaponised for transmisogynistic purposes specifically- transfems are told we cannot possibly experience misogyny due to our 'male bodied privilege.'

The ideal solution would fluctuate depending on context. If it can be inferred the contention is biologically essentialist it's worth scrapping altogether...

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... If the context is good-faith discussion relating to the genders people are assigned when they're born, 'assigned male/female at birth' works. In some, scant few instances, the phrases are being reclaimed by trans people (I, for example, might defiantly state 'my dick is female bodied.') It's usually fairly obvious when this is happening, and should be preserved. It's worth consulting on a case by case basis imo.

Answering questions about transphobia (2) 

@Gaynebula Thanks, it's been really helpful!

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