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@neauoire But you also make it so that people who couldn't otherwise use the software, can.

Better than Inbox 0,
is inbox 502 Gateway Error.

I flag them as urgent,
then I forget about them for months.

But they exist in my subconscious and they eat away at my concentration.

@neauoire @RadioAngel I like that! I've seen plenty of positive graffiti though.

My favourite was at a pedestrian crossing in a town where I used to live. It said, simply: Do nice things for no reason.

That's kind of a personal motto of mine now.

@neauoire more harshly: if demand for their software is truly and completely subsumed by a part time project with no guarantee of future updates, perhaps they picked the wrong software to hang a business on and they should either stop or expand the scope of what they offer

protip(?): if you add ".rss" to the end of your profile url, you get a feed of all your public and unlisted toots that you can then plug into ifttt in order to cross-post to birdsite, with links on every one to remind people that you're actually on a much better website. here's how it looks on mine.

@neauoire Yeah! By calling something an "Artistic OS" we give ourselves a lot of freedom from commerce, efficiency, conformity. I wrote a little about it here:

Do you know of any lists of these kind of Artisanal/Artistic Operating Systems? We might make one, if it doesn't yet exist.

@KnowPresent I was just browsing the slides of your Screenless Office slideshow. :teal_heart:

Preview and edit your photos more easily than ever before in elementary OS 5 Juno. A dark style puts the focus on your photography, plus a simple, refined color tool makes it easier to see how your edits will come out. Get it at

We have entered the weekday afternoon masto doldrums where everyone realizes they haven’t gotten shit done all day so they buckle down for a couple hours.

By having the privilege to release open source software, I realized that I make it so others, who would otherwise make a living from their craft, cannot.

Seconded, I think you two are the most Solarpunk I've seen, between the solar boat lifestyle toots and the inspiring science/art-nouveaux threads. Definitely want to see more positive solarpunking than I'm seeing on Sunbeam lately.

The cynicism on Sunbeam makes me want to go look elsewhere.

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